The Other Shoe

You think the Democrats are in for the next four years? Think again, they’re about to try & ensure an indefinite hold on power, the first step is 100% control of election results, the second is consolidation of media space to ONLY include orthodox views, third is to […]


Upon reviewing the aberrant and sometimes unhinged and violent behavior and comments of staunch pro-abortionists, I have come to understand that they simply don’t care that the recent decision by the U.S. Supreme Court to reverse Roe v. Wade doesn’t in any way affect the states’ ability to […]


The enemies or our free republic are now permanently weaker than ever before. For decades the enemy has been strengthening itself by stealing innocence, using the souls of God’s children for power and greed. For decades, every American taxpayer has sadly been implicated and has been forcibly made […]

Mass Formation Pyschosis Is Here

It should be no surprise to most humans on the planet that our primary source for information for the past decade has predominantly been Google. With the advent of the internet search engines, namely Google, almost no one uses reference books, periodicals, research documents, or libraries anymore. People […]

The Supply Chain Needs Grease

My comments on the supply chain issues we are going though now: The supply chain was so rigidly structured that it couldn’t endure the COVID shutdowns. Any increase in demand or decrease in supply or both would cause severe disruptions or paralyze the entire system Undfortunately, we are […]

Lessons Learned

The last four years have been a learning experience for most of us. I watched the Watergate hearings in 1973. I read the tape transcripts in The New York Times – when it was still a newspaper worthy of reading. I recall my parent’s horror at the language […]