What we are witnessing is not akin to the American revolutionary patriots or the Boston Tea Party. What we are seeing is exactly the way the Bolsheviks and Brown Shirts introduced statism and tyranny to the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany. Make no mistake. People laughed and called […]

Superhighway to Serfdom

Every stage of human developmental programming, from the drone factories of organized schooling and the military, to all the grammar school, high school and university brainwashing on political correctness and global warming mythology, to creating “hate speech” awareness and social media bans in order to censor free speech, […]

Was Joe McCarthy right all along?

I find myself wondering just that of late. What of Hollywood? That theory has sadly been proven again and again. But what else are we to expect from the “artsy fartsy” crowd? They have been in virtual lockstep with Lenin’s experiment since Edison’s “Great Train Robbery”. And what […]