WE HAVE TO STOP PRETENDING DEMOCRATS DON’T UNDERSTAND THESE BASIC ECONOMIC MAXIMS MAXIM 1: Taxes always discourage the economic activity they tax. Tax increases cause a subsequent economic decline in activity, jobs and prosperity. MAXIM 2: Subsidies always encourage the activity they subsidize. And they require tax increases […]

“AOC” a Verb, a Noun, an Adjective

Conservationists and Conversationalists everywhere should be thrilled. Freshman Congresswoman from the Bronx, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, is a gift for those who believe in economy of language. “AOC” is now shorthand for everything so absurd as to be beyond belief. “For Eg” (terminology used by her in the “New Green […]

January’s Aging Workforce: Grayer

January Record Worker Levels for those over 55 Years of Old The January Jobs Report caught some people off-guard. The “experts” were anticipating a slower growth month, possibly slowing to 165,000 to 175,000 workers being added to the economy. Some prognosticators thought that he seasonally adjusted “non-farm payroll” […]