From the Front Line

A Caravan of Cooties!

I was with my sister when she took her last breath. It was an honor and a tragedy at the same time. Since that day, in my line of work, I’ve seen people take their first, and their last breath. It makes you think a lot about life, and the quality of it.

I think that almost everyone deserves the best life they can possible live. As a child you are born into it but as an adult, you can change it. Your circumstances shouldn’t define you, but there are people I come across that would rather wallow in what life has handed them, content to let others take care of them. “No, I didn’t get the free flu shot, but now I have the flu and I want to go to the emergency room so they can make me feel better faster.” No regard for the fact that they are going to a place where people’s health is already compromised and they are introducing a potentially deadly virus into the mix. It makes me angry and I hope it makes you angry too.

In my area we are experiencing a measles outbreak, up to 40 cases and climbing. Couple that with a deadly flu virus and its a healthcare nightmare. Multiply that by the thousands of migrants storming our border……………we have no way of knowing what diseases they carry, what immunizations they have and have not received, or what STD”s they might have. We eradicated Polio from the planet and now its back. Im not touching on the political agenda or ramifications or even the timing of these caravans, solely the unknown health hazards should be enough to support the extreme vetting. Our healthcare system cannot handle the influx. How many more uninsured undocumented people can we possibly treat? My child can’t eat a peanut butter cookie in school for fear of an as of yet known allergy but you want to welcome thousands of potentially ill people across the border?

These “migrants” storming our borders, need to turn around and be the change they need to be, in their own homes, in their own country. We can’t be the answer for everyone, at all times. And as powerful as our military is, we aren’t going to win the war on multiple diseases crossing our borders at the same time.

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  1. This is one of the best articles I’ve read on the subject. Your approach is first person, and considering the topic, it makes all the difference in the world.

    What made your article most compelling was the opening line. That took courage. I cannot begin to imagine the hurt you felt and continue to feel. To recount that “on paper” had to bring it all rushing back.

    I empathized immediately. That’s human pain etched “on the canvas of the mind.”


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