Men of Appetite, or Men of Character?



TO: The Dis-honorable John McCain

From: The People of the United States of America

One would think that a former POW might actually know psy-ops when he sees it, but you are so easily manipulated by the left that it’s almost funny. It would be hysterical, if you were not squandering our tax dollars, and literally killing some of us by keeping the great farce that is Obamacare in place.

What you’re saying to We the People is, “I didn’t get my way, so screw you”. We got it. Loud and clear.

At first it seemed that you were an unwilling participant, but now it’s obvious that you are complicit.

Look, you lost in 2008. The campaign was lackluster. It was the wrong time. Some of us had multiple family members who maxed out donations to your campaign, but you fumbled it.

Some of us even liked your agents of intolerance comment. It made sense at the time, and quite possibly does today. For both “sides”.

But you’re done, John. It’s over.

You seem to be completely tone deaf when it comes to what the people of this great nation need. Maybe it’s not being tone deaf… maybe it’s just deaf.

So, you don’t need to screw us over again just to try and re-establish your fleeting masculinity.

You had the opportunity to act with character. To do something of lasting importance, and leave the current generation with some things that are better than when you found them. You chose the small, petty option.

It’s not fitting for your legacy, and it’s sad.

It’s a great time to retire and attend to your health, John.

/s/ The People of the United States of America



TO: The Republican Members of the House and Senate

From: The People of the United States of America

One point three trillion dollars. $1,300,000,000,000,000

It was not a compromise. It was a giveaway. Even Schumer liked it.

Who’s going to have to pay for it? We will. We know this, and we don’t like it one little bit.

Granted, you have gotten some things done, but you have abdicated when it came to doing the dificult stuff. You’re not unified like the other side, and you are all just interested in bringing things back to your home districts (fuel for re-election), and whining about “it’s the best we can do with the Democrats”

Grow a set, ladies and gentlemen. If you think you can spin it any other way, you’re fools.

We get it. We are not happy, and you keep on kicking the can down the street to a generation that likes socialism right when many of us will be retiring.

Stop taking the easy way out, and start pursing the right way. Put your differences with each other, and with the President aside, get behind his goals, and get it done.

Why is it that character seems to be missing from most members of both the Senate and House? Prove to us that you are the best of us. So far, you have not.

The future is at stake, and all you seem to be worried about is your next election cycle.

Show us you are capable of doing the right thing.

/s/ The People of the United States of America



To: The Honorable Donald J. Trump, President of the United States

From: The People of the United States of America

Thank you for relentlessly pursuing the thankless office that you now hold.

The highest office in the land.

The tax cuts were brilliant. The negotiating stick you are using with China and others is brilliant, regardless of how much it’s derided by the left. The reduction in needless regulations are paying huge dividends.

The trick is going to be making your changes stick so they’re not just an executive order away from being reversed.

You, sir, are a conundrum. A man of character in so many ways, and a knuckle dragger like many of us in others. How you conducted your personal affairs before you took office is of no importance. You’re shrewd enough to know what you can and can’t do as President, and mature enough to think with the head on your shoulders.

There is something special about the way you negotiate on our behalf, and the way you’re putting together peace on the Korean Peninsula is simply amazing. You are doing what the politicians never could.

What you’re doing with Twitter is classic you. When you tweet, I think “The Donald” has spoken. Do I wish you would tone it down a bit? Sometimes. It does keep the press from controlling the narrative, and that is so essentially important right now.

You are running a divided country. There are those, in what the liberal elites call “flyover” and then the coasts and big cities. We value freedom and small government. They want the opposite.

Two very, very different populations. Serving one is a dis-service to the other.

The challenge is finding the common ground that “gets it” for the people who already understand what you do, and would be viewed as a positive by those in the cities.

You know exactly how to find that, and no it’s not politics as usual.

It’s also not Donald J. Trump as usual.

It’s time to do the right thing, Mr. President. Take the high road, and assert the best of your character. Your place in history is already assured.

How lofty that place will be is completely in your control.

The little wins are snacks. They satiate for a bit, and it’s nice to have a win. They are fine for those who have nothing more than appetite.

The lens of history will address how you handle the big, hairy, difficult problems. The ones that test a man’s character.

By that definition, we think you are a man of character Mr. President.

It’s time to show the left your fiercest resolve. Your Character.

Godspeed, Mr. President.

/s/ The People of the United States of America

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