Last week’s destruction of the Georgia Guide Stones (engraved with the Illuminati Deep State globalist fascist plan to take over the world) was a public sign of the Fall of the Cabal.

We cannot stop the globalist deep state fascists unless we do a deep cleaning to stop the cartels and NGOs who work for the Cabal in Mexico and Central and South America, in Ukraine and in the failed former Soviet states of Eastern Europe.

Our borders are being attacked daily. Our sovereignty is at stake. Every engineered war and famine loads America and Europe with easily manipulated refugees.

Deep cleaning means ending child trafficking, child porn, prostitution, money laundering, drug trafficking, illegal arms dealing, and trading in aborted fetal parts.

Yes, it’s this bad and worse.

We will never fix the US and flush out the global cabal unless we take down the criminal cartels that control oil, shipping, produce, foods, paper, coffee, sugar, cocoa, lumber, metals, and other natural resources. Some of these criminals are inside our own governments and legal systems. Some of them are being exposed now by their own family’s diaries and depraved indiscretions.

The Biden Administration wants us more dependent on these cartels to usher in one world government based on control and dependency. That in itself is criminal. He’s choked off oil and gas supply in the US and turned us from a net exporter to net importer in two years. Meanwhile he’s letting our national reserves flow to China where his son Hunter gets a cut of every deal they make.

We need to be less dependent; more self-sufficient. And we need to remove these criminals from the levers of power immediately.

The engineered pandemic was just one step toward achieving the leftist globalist dependency goal and agenda. Shut down the world and its resources, pipelines. supply chains, shipping, etc. and control both food and materials AND HEALTH.

It’s all in the Ten Planks and Comminist Manifesto written by Karl Marx. It’s also written clearly in UN Agenda 21, Agenda 30 and Rockefeller and Gates Foundation white papers. All of these call for control of resources and vast and fast population reduction.

How many of you have read and studied them?

So the big agenda as written is to create depend your and reduce the population. Quickly. How could they accomplish their stated written goal? Genocide? Mass global distribution of toxins? World war? Racial conflicts? Mass insurrection? Food, water and airborne toxins? Nuclear catastrophe?

Meanwhile, ask yourself how many of our natural rights in our bill of rights are now being infringed or attacked?

Why is the left so viciously adamant about confiscating guns and accelerating abortions unless our God-given inalienable right to keep and bear arms for self defense and our rights to life and liberty run contrary to their stated control goals?

Time to wake up.aaa

Impeachment and removal by Congress is too good for Joe Biden. He’s committing treason and worse crimes, along with others, including the Clintons and Obama.

Based on this week’s releases of Hunter Biden’s iCloud files, it seems he’s also aided and abetted pornography, international prostitution and child porn as well as pederasty. Maybe that’s why Hunter calls his dad “Pedo Peter”. The nickname, found in Hunter’s iCloud files along with thousands of files of disgusting pornographic and drug use images and videos, was thought to be Biden’s because the President used to use the pseudonym Peter Henderson. Screenshots of the evidence surfaced across social media this week. More will surface.

When all is exposed and people of the world finally realize how many lies have been told and the filthy, depraved, evil crimes which have been repeatedly committed by some of the highest-level world leaders—including the Pope, Cardinals, Rabbis, and Royals—many will simply not be able to handle it.

Let’s not forget that there is an obelisk in the center of St. Peter’s Square. The obelisk was brought there from Alexandria to be placed by Emporor Caligula in the center of Caligula’s favorite circus. The remains of the circus still lie below St. Peter’s Square and St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican. Later, this circus became known as the Circus of Nero and not only organized chariot races, but also made public executions of Christians. According to legend, the apostles Peter and Paul themselves were killed at this very place.

The sequel to this story should be very interesting.

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