Kavanaugh, a woman’s perspective.

I don’t usually blog about politics. There are some great people who do that that are part of this site, but things going on in the political arena have me thinking.

I grew up in a small town, not quite Mayberry but it sure seemed that way back then. I had a wide array of friends, male and female. We hung out, we partied, 7 minutes in Heaven, Spin the Bottle.

It was all in good fun, no-one complained, no-one leveled false accusations. It won’t make me popular to say this, but thats when men were men. They opened doors, and picked up the check. They appreciated a woman, and most women were secure enough in themselves to appreciate them back.

Men changed tires, and fixed stuff. Women changed tires and fixed stuff too. My mind is boggled by the events of today. Everyone is hypersensitive, kids can’t make change without a machine telling them how much. They need “safe rooms” and “therapy dogs” and the media and the left have actually convinced them that they are mature enough to control the way our Country’s heading. If they found themselves in the woods without a phone, they would probably die there. We are not raising self-sufficient independent adults.

Politicians lie and cheat and forgive certain transgressions by certain people because it fits their narrative.

Its become dangerous to voice a Republican or Conservative opinion. Women “march,” but the “voice” they put forth is their 8 yr old holding a “Fuck Trump” sign! What on earth is happening?

The Clintons and Soros, and the like are ruining our country. Some media consultants have done a great job figuring out trigger words, and have branded our President as a bully and a racist, thereby branding anyone who supports him as the same.

The war on Kavanaugh goes way deeper than a seat on the court. He, and President Trump are in the way of the globalist one world order that the left would like our country to be part of.

The democrats are so desperate that they will stop at NOTHING to prevent his appointment. They are going to allow these disgraces for a female lie and do whatever it takes to win. They’re being duped and used! A lot of people need to go back and read the fairy tale “A boy who cried wolf.”

This process does such an injustice to the women who were actually sexually assaulted, and don’t have “Gofundme” pages!

Its a war on the Constitution, and its a war on men.

#Himtoo #ConfirmKavanaugh

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  1. “This process does such an injustice to the women who were actually sexually assaulted, and don’t have “Gofundme” pages!” I agree with you 100%!

    Dr. Ford giggled and smiled during her testimony and seemed a little too eager to answer questions considering she was supposed to be nervous about testifying and the gravity of the situation.

    I am also a woman who believes in “innocent until proven guilty”, not “guilty because she said so”.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.


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