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Just Don’t Buy Them! If Nike Hates Our Flag They Must Also Hate Our Money.

Nike, at the behest of its spokesperson Colin Kaepernick, has just pulled its “Betsy Ross” shoe from the market. This model which included the American Flag emblem on its heel, has been removed because Colin Kaepernick, who became infamous for kneeling when the National Anthem was played at the beginning of NFL Games, stated that he finds our flag offensive.

Based on its actions one can only conclude that the Nike Company finds our flag equally offensive.

This has left wide open a tremendous opportunity for a manufacturer of casual footwear who will openly embrace our Nation and our Flag.

I don’t know what firm will have the foresight to seize on this, but once they do, I encourage every Patriotic American to embrace them and consign Nike, Kaepernick, and other like minded Nike spokespersons to the ash heap of history.

They have every right to express their point of view and as Americans about to celebrate the anniversary of our Nation’s Independence, we also have every right to express our displeasure.

When it comes to purchasing Nike products, “just don’t do it!”

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  1. I have never liked Nike, either the sportswear, or the company. I am indisposed to multinational companies, and prefer bespoke products where possible.
    I believe you are right, and that Americans should stop purchasing Nike, so much so that they have to close their American sales dept.
    Skechers are an American company, aren’t they? I’ve worn their shoes a couple of times, and they were very comfortable.


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