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This must be communicated until all Americans understand. Political thieves have been stealing from us for four decades, taking our tax money earmarked for “foreign aid” for themselves and their families. Ever wonder why foreign countries need SO MUCH MONEY year after year? As I have said here […]


President Trump is considering ending the CRA. The CRA, or Community Reinvestment Act, is a piece of Jimmy Carter-Era legislation, passed by a Democrat-majority Congress, and later doubled-down upon by none other than Bill Clinton. At the core of the CRA is a Democrat-pushed policy to “end lending […]


Planned Parenthood just announced it is spending $45 million to assure election of Democrat candidates. How much did they donate to Republicans? Zero. If a candidate loses the presidential election, they keep the money and just go back to their no-show job in Congress so they can vote […]

I am a very good liar!

I learned to be a good liar when I chose my profession.  I have looked a dying person in the eyes and lied and said they would be ok, so they wouldn’t die terrified and without a little hope.  I have told parents that their children were going […]


When oppressed people in Iraq and Iran are dancing in the streets celebrating the actions of our president to remove an evil tyrant and terrorist, and free people in Washington DC, NYC and elsewhere are protesting those same actions, something is wrong. We need to ask ourselves “who […]

2020 Vision : A Clearer Future?

The Alliance of Conservatives and the Centre, Centre-Right, Centre-Left of the Political Spectrum, has come as a complete shock to the Radical Left Establishment, and shown that the thoughts and feelings of the Common People, and Conservative Principles, overlap to a huge extent when it comes to self-determination, […]


Think of our country as providers and dependents, adults and children. Dependents include all those who receive an allowance, in the form of government checks. Unlike in a family, however, the “children” get to vote on raises in their allowances—on the parents spending more on them. Imagine that. […]