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Mass Formation Pyschosis Is Here

It should be no surprise to most humans on the planet that our primary source for information for the past decade has predominantly been Google. With the advent of the internet search engines, namely Google, almost no one uses reference books, periodicals, research documents, or libraries anymore. People […]

The Supply Chain Needs Grease

My comments on the supply chain issues we are going though now: The supply chain was so rigidly structured that it couldn’t endure the COVID shutdowns. Any increase in demand or decrease in supply or both would cause severe disruptions or paralyze the entire system Undfortunately, we are […]

Lessons Learned

The last four years have been a learning experience for most of us. I watched the Watergate hearings in 1973. I read the tape transcripts in The New York Times – when it was still a newspaper worthy of reading. I recall my parent’s horror at the language […]

Pink Slips all around!

It has become more apparent of late, than ever in our history, that the folks in Washington DC, have forgotten who they work for. As an American taxpayer, and householder of many more years than I wish to admit, I really want to learn the economic breakthrough that […]


I haven’t written an editorial thus far. My childhood friend, Torchlight founder, and co-editor, Anthony Rizutto, who I sorely miss on these pages, would have easily written volumes in these past few days. My wife asked me how I felt after the DC goings on. Appalled. I had […]


Here’s the abbreviated list of problems with so-called “liberals” otherwise know as “progressives”: They’re not liberal, they’re autocratic socialists, both fascist and Marxist. A true liberal would be a libertarian who doesn’t want more government telling us what to do or confiscating the fruits of our labor and […]


First, a caveat: This is not a campaign speech to get anyone to vote for a particular political candidate. Obviously, the choice is yours. The purpose here is to inform, report and expose things that I see developing. We hear a lot of people talking about ‘conservative’ and […]