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Impeachment discussions are symptoms of TDS

Congress seems to be intent on wasting The People’s time with Impeachment, yet more Gun control, an emergency shutdown recall, legalizing Pot, and justifying Infanticide.

GET REAL ALREADY! Barring a disaster of biblical proportions, Trump is likely to win reelection in 2020. After which, in 2024, Mike Pence will likely be elected…and reelected in 2028. So we can realistically expect Democrat hissy-fits to continue until 2032 at the very least.

We have more laws and rules regarding firearm ownership and conduct than are reasonably needed. What is sorely missing is the will and gumption to rigorously ENFORCE the existing laws.

The last I heard, declaring a National Emergency was at the sole discretion of our Chief Executive…The President. Pull your heads out of the sand…President Trump – like it or not.

Legalizing pot…Hey, go ahead. More living for the rest of us not befuddled or addle-brained.

Infanticide is Murder pure and simple. Twist and turn any which way you want, you still can’t justify that view and manage to sleep at night, much less look at yourself in the mirror in the morning.

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  1. Enrage TDS by saying “As a conservative, I want RINO Trump impeached so we can get a real conservative like Mike Pence as president”. Watch them change colors.


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