I am a very good liar!

I learned to be a good liar when I chose my profession.  I have looked a dying person in the eyes and lied and said they would be ok, so they wouldn’t die terrified and without a little hope.  I have told parents that their children were going to be ok, even though I knew other wise.  I have held the hand of a scared child and told them that their parent was going to be ok, even though I knew otherwise.  I have cleaned up bodily fluids that don’t belong to me and I have seen, and smelled things most people won’t ever have to.  I have held the hand and stroked the hair of a stranger so they wouldn’t have to die alone.

I have told people I believe them when I know they are lying to me, because one liar knows another.  I spend a good deal of my day lying, but what I’m about to tell you is the truth.

We can no longer sustain ourselves at the rate people are using our healthcare system.  We can no longer afford to pay for the healthcare of people who are here illegally and draining our resources.  Your loved one is going to die on the floor in your arms while you wait for an ambulance that has already been dispatched and is transporting the illegal and intoxicated person to the ER for the the third time that day.  Whom by the way, called 911 from their free Obama phone, and demands oxygen and an IV on the way.  We can no longer afford to transport someone who clearly doesn’t need an ambulance, barely speaks our language but knows how to use the system and knows we can’t say “NO.”

We can no longer afford to say “Yes.”

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  1. People lie to themselves most of all. Yuval Hariri says humans are the only creature that believes myths over reality. Or as Norman Podhoretz says, Ideology is Idolatry. Check out Wildavsky on Core Beliefs. Those who view the world in egalitarian terms think anyone who disagrees with them is criminal, mafia, bigot. Those who view it in individualist terms think anyone against them is from the deep state, illuminati, masons. Those who view it in hierarchical terms view all their opponents as demoniac, jewish, reptiles. Those who view the world in fatalistic terms think the world (eg pagan gods) are against them. Facts never mattered in politics. Politics is all about peer pressure and follows the physics of diffusion.


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