Cultural Divide

Notes from Old Albion

The British, in 2020, are emotionally & collectively incapable, of what the British did in 1940. There is no way we could replicate the attitudes & emotional strength, of that generation, this is from someone who saw what that experience did to them, individually, & collectively.

We are nowhere near being the kind of unified homogeneity, that the generation of young adults of that time took for granted, without really even thinking about it, they were, to whatever extent neccessary, a completely united people.

This was socially & culturally true, the British had developed a nation of nations, wherein national tongues and cultures of literature, music, cuisine, & so on, all mingled and jostled along happily enough.

When it came to the crunch, Britain was the First Nation of Allies in the fight against Nazism, Fascism & Communism, this was also a fight to keep the world open for peaceful free trade, spreading the benefits of constrained capitalism wherever trade could be made worthwhile.

Still even somewhat of a Christian nation, though that had been dying out since WW1, & has now virtually disappeared, modern British media only reluctantly acknowledge or make reference to the fact, that the prosperity the world has seen, is the result of Judeo-Christian Civilisation being at the foundation of how the British saw themselves in the world, as being sovereign individuals living potentially agreeable, & relatively unconstrained lives, within the constraints of a democratically agreed rule of law.

This has beeen pasted and copied all over the democratic world, which is heavily outnumbered by the undemocratic world, but vastly superior in technology and military power, which is why the west hasn’t already succumbed to the demographic lop-sidedness between Africa & Europe, & between Asia & the Americas, specifically the United States.

Europe has below-replacement birth rates, Africa’s population is set to double between now and 2050, to 4 Billion people, with the ready availability of the multiple resources required to live a moderately prosperous life, for them & their children, available for less than 1 Billion people, half that of the current population which is set to double over the next 30 years.

So it doesn’t mean we have until then, it means it’s doubling as we do whatever it is we’re doing now, and it can’t increase so much and not spill out a lot of excess, people who can’t survive in their own country, like starving Venezuelans, fleeing their beautiful oil-rich country, because their oil is now in the hands of revolutionary socialists.

The culture war in Britain is almost over, apart from a few dismal tourist haunts, with their shops of future souveneirs for someone’s shelf or mantlepiece back home. The British ruling class don’t even sound the same, which is why there are so few BBC presenters who speak in the clipped tones of the presenters of the war years, so few exist.

The British land owning aristoracy were the bedrock of British identity,not “English” or “Scottish”, “Welsh” or “Irish”, but a very successful human amalgum of the four, represented by the powerful nobles & their progeny, & forming the base of an identity that gave rise to the, mostly agreeable, homogeneity achieved here under the banner of being “British”.

Being British, was a claim everyone used to be proud of, now it’s apparently a badge of shame, I refuse to feel shame for crimes I did not commit & could not have prevented, but more especially for crimes that never took place, & ‘crimes’ that are not crimes at all, but simply the multiple facets of a single & national cultural identity.

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