Cultural Divide

After The Statues, Then, the Churches..?

Once all the statues have been removed, one way or another, from public view, those demanding their removal won’t go away happy, no, everyone knows that if you appease a bully, that’s the encouragement they were looking for.

So will it be the churches? I’m unsure, but it shouldn’t suprise anyone reading this if that turned out to be the case, it would certainly be easier than trying to burn all police stations down, or official government buildings, so along with all those businesses and statues destroyed, it would be uncontroversial to predict an attack on churches nationwide.

I wrote an article a while back, when Notre Dame was the victim of extreme damage by fire, after a year in which 800 churches in France had been vandalised and/or the victims of arson attacks. The same cultural ignorance, social nihilism and political extremism at play, with the same unedifying results. So far, the church in Britain, is playing along with the whole BLM charade, terrified of reprisals if they don’t, and who can blame them?

The problem with all of this is, at least in some part, an absence of courage, among the general population, but also among those with some kind of power, I’m thinking of the corporate willingness to lie down and be told what to do by ungrateful, resentful, ignorant bigots and racists pretending to be about social, historical, and racial ‘justice’, when what they obviously want is power, and more power.

These same people are self-proclaimed communists/Marxists/socialists.

Global communism is making a really hard play for power in the west, and is using all the tools and weapons at it’s disposal, subtle & unsubtle, to achieve unchallengeable supremacy in telling the west what to think, say, believe, how to act, and what not to say, think, how not to act, or else.. bad things will happen.

After the churches, it still won’t stop, everything will get steadily worse and worse, until masses of the general population start turning up to protect our sacred things, demanding police protection from vandals, anarchists, and terrorist acts.

Plainly the police have been hamstrung by those above them, and that needs to stop, the police need to be able to do their most basic job, keep public order.

This Communist Deconstructionism of the West, will only be swiftly halted by masses of the populations refusing to participate in the rewrite of history, and refusing to participate in knowingly telling lies in public on a daily basis, refusing to go along with this crap we’re being force-fed, and worse, our children are being force-fed from kindergarten onwards.

Once more than fifty percent of us realise that, in fact, this is not going to be something we can ‘ride-out’, we can’t believe it will pass us by, it won’t it will come for you, in your workplace, from commerce, from your kids, your friends, possibly from family members who’ve imbibed of the waters of woke, and will take some time to recover, if they ever do.

The only way we can rid ourselves of this malign parasite, is to refuse it, to deny it, to challenge it every time it speaks, to kick it’s arse as hard as we possibly can, as often as we possibly can, and constantly call it out for the foul thing that it is.

If this is not done by the many, then all will suffer the consequences.

Don’t think you can leave it to the few, we are too few, and we need You too.

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