Consider this for a moment. What if new studies caused everything you and your doctor knew about germs and viruses to be false, and you had to rethink it all and throw it out the window?

It’s a dark and disturbing thought, perhaps. But could it be a possibility that this “old thinking” has merely been a clever, yet dishonest delivery system for more and more expensive, highly profitable, mostly ineffective, and possibly even harmful new pharmaceutical “remedies”? Is there also the possibility that the combination of fear and bad/junk “science” has been used as yet another control mechanism, to create fear, manipulate mass human behavior and further an agenda of eugenics?

Do you have an open mind? Can you suspend judgement for a moment? Most people, including most medical doctors can’t, due to indoctrination and confirmation biases. But what if your job depends on it? What if your freedom to worship God with other believers at the church of your choice depends on it? What if just being able to move about in society freely depends on it? What if your ability to speak freely in public or on social media depends on it? What if your life depends on it?

First, consider that we live in a world where nearly everything is toxic. Our soil, water, air, and food, and even our medicines contain toxins. This is nothing new. Chemical spills and toxic waste and pesticide stories have constantly been in the news.

Imagine that all of these toxins are poisonous in varying degrees to the human body on a cellular level. That might sound scary, but we should understand that our amazing bodies have a brilliantly designed defense mechanism to rid us of toxins at the cellular level. Poisons and toxins are packaged up and flushed out of our cells in tiny bundles of proteins called exosomes. Exosomes send messages to all the other cells of the body to seek out these toxins, bundle them up in protein balls and flush them out. These protein balls, while they contain RNA and DNA, are not alive, and they don’t respond to antibiotics. Exosomes neither cause illness nor are they infectious, although they do create a reactionary storm in the body when too many of them accumulate, or when our immune systems are not strong or healthy enough or hydrated enough to flush them out.

Also, at certain times of the year, due to temperature and pollination cycles, the human body tends to purge a higher amount of these toxins than normal out of the body, resulting in seasonal symptoms of illness, runny nose, scratchy throat, muscle aches, diarrhea, vomiting, etc. When these seasonal illnesses affect a large part of the population, it is commonly called ‘cold and flu season’. We have been calling these “viruses” and “bugs” for decades.

But let’s take a look at the well established theory regarding viruses. It is widely accepted by medical science that viruses are not alive. Unlike bacteria and funghi, viruses have no cellular structure and cannot live or reproduce on their own without a host. In that sense, they are parasitic, and that’s exactly how the Merck Manual labels them. Unlike living, biotic organisms, but exactly like exosomes, viruses don’t respond to antibiotics. The accepted theory is that they are tiny bits of genetic material, RNA or DNA, packaged up in tiny balls of proteins that can exit and enter our cells and the human immune system fights to get rid of them through fevers, runny nose, congestion, diarrhea, and vomiting. Does this sound familiar? We believe some of them are infectious and pathogenic and if the host has a weak immune system, they can cause severe illness and death.

While it may seem that the book on contagions, viruses, bacteria and germs has long since been closed and considered scientific FACT, this couldn’t be further from the truth. What if modern medical science has gotten it wrong all these years? What if what they are labeling as infectious viruses are simply the body’s natural, seasonal cycle of purging the buildup of environmental and food-borne toxins and it isn’t contagious pathogens that reach epidemic or pandemic proportions? What if all the fear-mongering only serves the Pharmaceutical, hospital and medical industries and their benefactors, the media companies with whom they heavily advertise, our unelected health officials who have direct or indirect financial interests, and politicians, to whom they heavily lobby and to whom they make massive campaign contributions?

What if science can be bought by those who pay for the research grants and fellowships?

Welcome to Terrain Theory, also referred to as Exosome Theory.

Virus Theory VS Terrain Theory, Dismantling Virus Theory One Day at a Time (Germ Theory)

  1. Virus Theory VS Exosome Theory General Overview 8:43
  2. Dr Barnett, You Cannot Catch A Virus 11:24
  3. Biochemistry Debunks Corona SpaceBusters 49:40

4.Explaining Toxemia, Symptoms of Being Sick 3:04

  1. Covid19 Virology Fraud Explained in 19 Minutes
  2. Bacterium, Fungi, and Mold, Another Video Destroying What is known as Germ Theory 57.07
  3. Explaining PCR Fraud – Spacebusters 14:50
  4. The Cure for all Diseases – Book By Hulda Clark 1995
  5. The Church of Virology, Detailed Explanation of Terrain Theory and PCR Fraud 2:20:04
  6. The Contagion Myth PDF Book
    Link to PDF Document
  7. Dr. Andy Kaufman MD Discussing The Virus Fallacy
    Link to Video
  8. Dr. Robert Willner Injects Himself With AIDS to Prove it’s Not Contagious 1:13:36
  9. The Cause of All Diseases – Part 1 Radiant UnSanity 17:42
  10. The Cause of All Diseases – Part 2 Radiant UnSanity 29:27
  11. CDC Official Vaccine Ingredients List PDF
  12. Good Bye Germ Theory – 2006 Book By Dr. William P. Trebing
  13. TERRAIN Part 1 Stork Flu Marcelina Cravat 59:10
  14. TERRAIN The Film – Part 2 – Marcelina Cravat 1:06:43
  15. The Invisible Rainbow – Arthur Firstenberg PDF Book
  16. The Emperors New Virus? An Analysis of the Evidence for the Existence of HIV 1:36:11
  17. House of Numbers – Anatomy of the HIV Epidemic 1:29:11
  18. 7 Ways to Prove Viruses Don’t Exist with Dr Stefan Lanka
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  20. I Have Decided to Comply – Tom Cowan 28:14
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  22. Fluoride – Poison on Tap – Framing The World 1:38:53
  23. Dr Sebi on Virus, Germs, Bacteria 8:37

PCR Test Fraud with Kary Mullis

Alternative Medical Books

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