The Supply Chain Needs Grease

Shipping Containers stacked up in the port of Long Beach, California.

My comments on the supply chain issues we are going though now:

The supply chain was so rigidly structured that it couldn’t endure the COVID shutdowns. Any increase in demand or decrease in supply or both would cause severe disruptions or paralyze the entire system Undfortunately, we are seeing both. Government policies are contributing to the problem and much of it appears badly advised, if not outright intentional and treasonous.

Raw materials slowed and containers began to stack up causing a container shortage. There were some logjams in several of the canals and ports. It also became harder to locate and ship raw materials for manufacturing. Hence the chip shortage in automobile manufacturing.

In addition, there were big forest fires out West and floods in the Southwest that shut down and delayed rail lines for a time.

Then, the Central Banks began to create a slew of excess liquidity to stave off a recession from the plandemic and shutdowns, and all that money created huge demand for manufactured goods and raw materials, particularly lumber, semiconductors, fuel oil, metals, and steel.

Biden also tried to close the natural gas pipeline and discontinued construction on new sections of it, so oil prices for transportation went sky high.

Shipping companies took advantage of the hazardous and inflationary environment and raised their prices from what was $2000 per container to ship around the world to $25000. That caused lots of import distributors to hold off on orders which created shortages and price increases on goods as well.

Also, draconian regulations in California particularly impeded swift distribution of all the goods sitting in port in containers and stacked up on anchored ships offshore. And trucking and rail workers were striking due to vax requirements in some port states like Washington and California and NJ and to lesser extent Florida and Texas.

On top of all that, suffered strikes and massive delays. Airlines handle a lot of freight and so that only contributed to the problems.

The upshot of all this is that people are waking up that we need to bring manufacturing home instead of having it in the hands of enemies like China. Shipping container companies and big ports around the world have been being bought up by China for years now. That’s a huge problem and a massive threat to our national security.

We need a president who is capable of dealing with these vast problems and also the problem of invasion happening at our Southern borders right now.

Biden is certainly not capable, nor does he have the right mindset or ideology to get the job done. In fact, he’s making it far worse by the day.

Only Donald Trump has the steel temperament to fix the situation.

We need him back, now more than ever.

Stand in Unity and Strength,


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