What is the story behind the declining household worth story?

What the recent report of declining household wealth a hiccup or a heart attack? Was it something different? Whereas some economists and pundits are projecting “non-existent” annualized GDP growth of 0.5% for first quarter, it is more likely that we will see between 1.5% and 2.5% annualized growth, and possibly even better han the 2.6% reported during fourth quarter of 2018.


EU’ve got to be joking!

Is this government’s Brexit broken beyond repair? I hope so, it’s a shambles, and a sordid betrayal of the will of the people who voted in majority to leave the EU. We can just leave anyway, under WTO rules, and use the money we save, to kick-start our […]

Breaking The News

Forty Nine Muslims are confirmed as dead after a gunman opened fire on them at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand. Cue much hand-wringing and vicarious [fake] grieving by TV presenters, politicians, and the liberal media’s talking heads. I await the usual self-loathing analysis and commentary by western […]