One of Us.

Kavanagh : Santorine

The Honorable Brett Kavanaugh
Future Justice
Supreme Court of the United States

Dear Judge Kavanaugh:

I’ve watched over the past few weeks as your life was carefully dissected, with your greatest triumphs downplayed, and what are likely your worst moments highlighted.

I for one, think you conducted yourself carefully and with class.

We are men of the same era, with me being a few years older than you are, but it was the same time. We came of age under a similar set of laws, and had a similar set of expectations from our social circles and parents.

Based on what I have read, and seen entered as testimony, I think I would have liked you as a 20 year old college student, and probably would enjoy spending time with you today.

Genuine. Authentic. A real person gathering life experiences and making the same innocent mistakes we all make.

I like that in people with a public life. It’s why I resonate with people who grew up attending the Independence Day parade in their home towns. You grew up around the same kind of “greatest generation” families that I did.

You know, the ones who had high expectations for you as an individual. The kind you don’t want to let down.

Your tribulations, playing out on the narrow stage of politics, made me think about my conduct all the way back to my High School days.

Each of us were highly competitive, but in different ways. We each attended private colleges (yours was better), and we each sampled what was there to do and experience.

In the early 1980’s, the legal drinking age was less than it is now, and nearly all of us gave it a try. As my greatest generation parents would say, a “phase” we went through.

I know that on more than one occasion, I found myself in places and situations that I found uncomfortable. I moved away from those as quickly and decisively as I could, as I’m certain you did.

The vast majority of what either of us did in school was completely age appropriate, and while I may have stolen a kiss from a young woman from time to time, in no way did either of us violate women for whom we may have felt affection. It was not part of who we were, or who we are. Not then, and certainly not now.

Details are not necessary, because men like us define who we are by how we act.

People who act poorly toward others may start this kind of behavior when they are in school, but they don’t stop.

When I saw the number of women who stood up for you and offered their support, I looked at who they are. While the names may be different from the women I know in my life, the people are exactly the same. You should be proud of being supported by such a distinguished group of achievers.

You’re a good man. Your actions as an adult prove this time and time again.

Your actions as a student we no different than many of use who had the early 80’s experience.

I find it refreshing to be able to look to the court, and see at least one justice who I understand.

Many people feel exactly the same way.

We know who you are, Brett Kavanaugh, and it will the the honor of the people of these United States to have you on the highest court in the land.


Dolphsig copy

A.W. “Dolph” Santorine, Jr.
Wheeling, West Virginia

(For those who don’t know, I’m the handsome devil on the RIGHT)

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