Cultural Divide

We’ve Come, To Look For America..

It’s a sobering thought, isn’t it? That places and people you’ve known for years, are changing as rapidly as you and I. Changing/aging, they are synonymous in their relationship to each other.

So we can think of change as a kind of degeneration of the present order, to the point where it is so weak, that other, more malign forces can try to seize the opportunity to lie, boast, and appease/bribe their way into power.

If that degenerative change is made actually deliberate, by some malign force, a political opponent’s supporters in media, for instance, can reduce an effective office of government, to a focus for political fanatics/activists spasms of incoherent rage, obviously speaking more to their own issues, than to anything else, unjust or not, “woke” or not.

It’s definitely not going to be enough to save America the Beautiful, to just come out as Conservative/Libertarian/Classical Liberal, and criticise what the Left is doing, because even if we do see President Trump voted into office for a second term, that only means we’ve still got all our work ahead of us.

Think for a moment, of the strain on the President, and the way that he deals with that, privately, probably only between him and his wife, who is so obviously his rock, and he is her’s, they seem so well suited, I digress.

The radical Left will still be here, working hard to undermine everything positive that gets done and/or is set as policy from now on, and to indoctrinate as many young minds as they can get hold of, through education and media, through games, online and off, through TV indoctrination in “chidren’s TV”, marketing the “woke” tyranny in every way possible.

This is exactly what the Marxists in St Petersburg did when they embraced Bolshevism, brainwashed the children and the young uneducated peasants. The Bolshevists, under Lenin, told the landless peasants that the only reason they had no land, was because the “rich” farmers had stolen it from them (!).

The farmers were in no way responsible for the peasants predicament, and indeed, as was soon to be evidenced, they were the only source of food the peasants could rely on. The farmers were also on a completely hand to mouth level of existence, only slightly better fed than the penniless peasants themselves.

The Bolsheviks convinced the peasants to revolt, kill the farmers, take and collectivise their land, and await the bounteous harvest of the new utopia. Crops failed, in large part because the new “farmers soviet” didn’t know the first thing about farming, and they’d murdered all the “rich capitalist” farmers, so there was a famine and millions died of starvation.

If you managed to produce a crop, you had to weigh it all and declare it all, and the state would take it all, minus all the worst of the crop. If you were known to have gone back out into your fields, say in the light of a full moon, or an early dawn, to pick up individual grains, you could be tried and shot, or imprisoned, as an “enemy of the people”, and worked to death instead.

This is relevant because the same ideology is pushing all these “activists” desire to virtue signal, further and further, into the realm of the domestic terrorist. The narrative tells them that “protest” isn’t enough, that they have to attack places and people, physically attack them, because apparently only then will they become truly “woke”.

It’s falling apart at the same time as corporations and public institutions are instantiating it into their statutes of operation/their commitment to the ideals of this infuriantingly titled frontispiece for communist agitation, “woke” politics.

Let’s be clear, it’s just Leninism dressed up as compassionate politics, but it’s all bollocks, it’s all lies.

If you’re leading a war against society in the name of “social justice”, you don’t want people who have solutions to the problems, or who can refute your specious argument being heard by your target audience, thus the bans and the de-platforming, the slanders and libels in all but name. The Left media is incredibly efficient at permanently ruining anyone’s name in less than 24hrs.

Life has to go on, and whether it goes on pleasantly or unpleasantly, is up to You and Me, in other words, we ALL need to chip-in, to do our bit, to stand up to the PC bullies and the idiots who think you can solve complex social and political problems by going out in the street, waving placards and shouting at strangers, and worse, like commiting murder and theft, arson and assault.

This is all very, very silly, and has to stop. The bottom line is that if force, no matter how ‘quietly’ it’s used, is needed because indoctrinated youth are agitating for a full-scale, armed revolution aginst the present order of the United States of America, the most free country in history, it’s because it’s communist agitation, and it’s origin is in Leninist-Marxism.

“Because the proletariat will not revolt, we {Bolshevik revolutionaries], must conduct the revolution on their behalf” ~ Lenin, speaking to his revolutionary comrades, Bolsheviks, in St Petersburg in August 1917.

This is exactly what is being played out, albeit with different symbolism, and a different focus for greivance, right now, throughout the Anglosphere and Europe too. The EU is a tool of the communist party of China, that has become more and more obvious in recent months, and will continue until the crash that’s coming makes China’s desire to export limit itself to the plastic crap they’re infamous for producing in the thousands of tons.

The real issue in the confrontational politics in the US and beyond, is the current level of cowardice among Conservatives and other non-Marxist thinkers and commentators, public figures, “stars” in “coming out” politically, if they’re a “Marxist” that’s fine, but if they’re anywhere to the Right of Lenin, then apparently they’re just evil, irredeemably evil, worth only abuse and invective, slander & hate.

Conservatives have to show how responsible they are, as citizens and how much they care about the social order that has taken so many tens of thousands of years to achieve but which could be swept away in one generation, as we saw in Russia, in Cambodia, in Cuba, & in China, where Mao’s rule murdered 100m Chinese people, for disagreeing with the political decisions of the Chairman.

Taking on responsibility, in the sense that you hear Dr Jordan Peterson explain it to mean, is a wonderful thing that cannot be substituted for, there is no satisfying replacement for the achievement of your responsibilities, and it benefits everyone around you too, couldn’t be better.

I do have hope for the future of the [American] republic, and for humanity, this is necessarily edged with a healthy fear of the assassination of the American Dream, whose everlasting foe is this collectivist ideology, that gives succor to the lazy and inadequate among us, and feeds, vampire-like, off the fruits of other people’s labours.

Stand proud, sons of Liberty, and fight the tyranny of the mob, a mob of fools, led by cynical power-mongers and demagogues of suspect motives, show them, expose them for what they truly are, and watch as their narrative babble withers in the bright sunlight of honest investigation.

“If we are resolute, if we stand fast, if we say to the murderous huns of the Nazi tyranny, that they will never break us in our island fastness, that we will fight them on the beaches, in the fields, in the streets, and in the hills, that we will never surrender” ~ Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill 1940

What price courage?

What happened to “Where goeth thou, there goeth I”?

To save what we need in order to survive as civilised men and women, we need to act, we need to put our own head above the parapet, and brave the screaming and whining mouths of incoherent rage, and when they pause to take breath, lean ever so slightly forward, and tell them the revolution’s over, they can fuck off home now.

We found America, a long time ago, and may she remain a beacon of hope and freedom for all humanity, for all time. God bless the United States of America.

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