Was Joe McCarthy right all along?

I find myself wondering just that of late.

What of Hollywood? That theory has sadly been proven again and again. But what else are we to expect from the “artsy fartsy” crowd? They have been in virtual lockstep with Lenin’s experiment since Edison’s “Great Train Robbery”.

And what of some of our Governors? Spineless, mindless, or Fascist streaks in most.

Another term for “congress”, is “a gathering”. But these last four years…a gathering of what? Rabid hatred for the fellow that wound up in office? Trying to remove him from office to no avail? Hampering his every move to what end? To further a destructive agenda? Just so that the “powers that be” can sit back smugly in their overstuffed wingback chairs, summoning the maid to fetch another round, or some more designer ice cream, while mindlessly doing the bidding of their NWO masters?

And our “education” system? I mean Re-Education System. A witless and spineless tool of the far-left.

It is becoming abundantly clear that Comrade Nikita was right all along…

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  1. Ol’ Joe was right about the commies in Hollyweird, then & now, the attractions of pandering to the same audience you want to sell seats at the picture house to, have been & are, too much of a temptation for the Godless sons & daughters of the generations that have not been taught to BE better, but instead shown how to FEEL better, by learning to repeat the slogans, myths, half-truths & lies, that make up the political lexicon of the Left.

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