U.S. Politics


Democrats and other criminals are killing other Democrats and others, including illegals, in Democrat-run cities, using illegal guns illegally in gun-free zones, where only criminals have guns.

Democrat lawmakers then politically use these illegal killings to justify more constitutionally illegal gun laws to reduce illegal shootings.

The logic: Less guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens “keep us safe”.

The same Democrat crowd opposes concealed carry and border walls saying it’s a “myth” that these keep us safe. Meanwhile they want to legalize drugs. How does that keep us and our children safe?

The same crowd insists that mental health issues and criminals don’t cause gun deaths, guns do.

By that reasoning, drunk drivers don’t cause auto deaths, cars do.

And if gun laws somehow reduce guns on the streets and gun deaths, rather than just give autocrats more power, then why don’t heroin laws reduce heroin on the street and heroin deaths?

Every place with concealed and open carry has less, not more shootings. People are far more polite, courteous and careful when more people have guns. Except, oddly, in gun-free zones.

The very same Democrat lawmakers’ twisted pretzel 🥨 logic says walls or fences don’t reduce illegal immigration.

Yet, Hungary built a fence and reduced illegal immigration by 99%. Poland cracked down hard on illegals and is now the safest country in Europe. Czech Republic refuses to accept illegals and is now safe and thriving.


Movie stars and politicians build huge walls around their homes every day that they think seem to work to keep them safe. And they do!

They have platoons of semi-automatic and automatic weapon-armed bodyguards that they seem to think keep them safe. And they do!

But not us, apparently! No walls and guns for the rest of us. That simply won’t do.

I’ll say it again:

A liberal looks at a mass shooting and asks,”How can I further disarm myself and others in such a scenario?”

A conservative looks at a mass shooting and asks,”How can I ensure I’m not defenseless to protect myself and others in such a scenario?”

Which position holds more virtue? Which position protects and serves more people?

It’s an easy answer.

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