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Pericles Elytis

Mass Formation Pyschosis Is Here

It should be no surprise to most humans on the planet that our primary source for information for the past decade has predominantly been Google. With the advent of the internet search engines, namely Google, almost no one uses reference books, periodicals, research documents, or libraries anymore. People […]

The Supply Chain Needs Grease

My comments on the supply chain issues we are going though now: The supply chain was so rigidly structured that it couldn’t endure the COVID shutdowns. Any increase in demand or decrease in supply or both would cause severe disruptions or paralyze the entire system Undfortunately, we are […]


Here’s the abbreviated list of problems with so-called “liberals” otherwise know as “progressives”: They’re not liberal, they’re autocratic socialists, both fascist and Marxist. A true liberal would be a libertarian who doesn’t want more government telling us what to do or confiscating the fruits of our labor and […]


First, a caveat: This is not a campaign speech to get anyone to vote for a particular political candidate. Obviously, the choice is yours. The purpose here is to inform, report and expose things that I see developing. We hear a lot of people talking about ‘conservative’ and […]


At this point, Democrats and their complicit media propagandists would lie and claim Trump had sex with animals and small children, just for the satisfaction of seeing him deny it publicly over the 24/7 media newscycle. They’ve done similar dirty things before: the fake story of golden showers […]


Recently some folks have revisited the idea that the current Democrat Party has gone so far left they would reject John F. Kennedy as a “conservative” if he appeared on today’s political scene. I don’t think that’s accurate and here’s why: JFK was no great statesman or conservative […]