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It is with great regret and sadness that I am forced to report the death of my old friend, and Torchlight co-Editor, Anthony Robert Rizutto.

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    • God bless him, he was such a kind soul, true patriot and good listener I will miss our many twitter conversations putting the world to rights. During our conversations we also realised that while Anothony was in the UK we actually used the same supermarket during the same time period and could have walked past each other, just goes to prove what a small place the world really is but now a much more empty and sad place without him. Sleep tight Anthony we will miss you more than you know xxx

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  1. So very sad to have lost him. He was incredibly brave and faced up to his illness with courage and fortitude, helped by his faith. An online friend for some time we had hoped to meet some day. Sadly we never will now. But you won’t be forgotten Anthony – I’m so glad you and I had so much to talk about. With fondest love, as you knew, from Dee and our mutual friend Simon.

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