Boris, Brexit, & Beyond…

It must seem obvious to all but the most dim-witted observer that Boris Johnson should be the next Prime Minister of Great Britain. He’s the only one who has unequivocably acceded to the British majority referendum vote to take Britain out of the EU. I’m unsure if Mr […]


  Stopping in at “21” in Midtown NYC for an ice-cold martini with some associates and friends today, I noticed that a bronze, memorial plaque for my dearly-departed friend, the Rev. Lorenzo Robinson, was finally up in the men’s room.  It’s a nice memorial for a giant of […]


China is a nation that shamelessly and regularly steals our intellectual property, costing us as much as $500 billion annually and posing a national security threat to our nation. China is a nation that has actually built entire islands in the South China Sea, in international waters, where […]