The Extinction Variant

It seems obvious, that there is a search for a ‘novel’ virus, one which would wipe-out humanity & therefore civilisation, by being fatal for 99.9% of those who become infected.

Why would this be the case? What madness is this?

Unfortunately, the evidence is all too clear, the people some of us call, “the elites”, have hit upon a master-plan, one that relieves them of debt, punishment & indeed blame, one that involves a true “genocide”. Think about it, all the resources are here, slaves & robots can do all the necessary work that Ai can only organise & schedule, the rest of us are parasites on their system, as they see it, billions of unnecessary mouths to be fed, bodies to be clothed, minds to be distracted & entertained.

What is making this happen now?

The fact that, in a post-Trump world, people are continuing to be unhappy about the powers of those who are supposed to represent us, faithfully & without corruption, who are so obviously as corrupt as the devil himself, has meant that the elites now realise just how many people, worldwide, are against them & know that they’re evil.

These latter-day ingrates & malcontents, the discontented, the dissidents within our society, are making these powerful people nervous, too many free voices urging others to truly educate themselves as to what is really going on behind the closed dooors of power. If you are a lover of liberty, if you want government to do its job but otherwise leave you alone, you are a target for their ire.

The communist revolution never stops, it just goes underground, the true believers continue to work for the cause, embracing what would be percieved as a Machiavellian approach to the idea of the end justifying the means.

This silent revolution went on behind the closed doors of lecture halls & classrooms across the entirety of the western world, Marx still bestrides the intellectual wilderness that typifies the Left’s justifications for its ambitions for power. They indoctrinated generations of students, into Leninist-Marxism, into Stalinism, into a longing for a dystopian utopia that flourishes only on the blood of millions & which indeed cannot be sustained without that gargantuan waste of human life to prop-up its non-existent economic wisdom.

Slaves make the sportswear you see people wearing, if the sportswear is made in China, which the vast majority of it is, or now farmed out to be “finished” somewhere like Indonesia, so they can put a “product of Indonesia” label on it, even though 99% of it has been manufactured by concentration camp slaves, in Xinjiang province, in western China.

The fact that any of the world’s vast reservoirs of resources goes to allowing us free westerners to live as we do, annoys the hell out of the communists, always has done, so they infested the ecological movement & are busy trying to extort Trillions of dollars from entire countries, on the pretext that carbon, which is essential plant food, is somehow bad for the environment, while at the same time convincing the entire world to stop the production of carbon, as a by-product of our civilisation. Such a move would see agriculture fail globally, to produce enough food for everyone.

The failure of global agriculture will be blamed on “man-made-climate change”, & not on their extinction policies that will actually be the cause of crop failures, shortages & global famines.

So, it comes as a relief, to the ‘elites’, to have this idea now, to prep us for the day when the Extinction Variant is released into the world, the virus that will destroy civlisation, forever. They believe in their brave new world, a technocratic dictatorship, without moral or ethical boundaries, simply, cold, pragmatic Ai logic, so unless we’re farmers or oil producers who are up with them, then you & I are “surplus to requirements”.

I never imagined the end, or the precursor to the end, to be like this, but of course, we are under house-arrest while they dismantle our justly proud civilisation, watching it from afar, if at all, seemingly powerless to change anything meaningful, & yet, we are the people, if enough are discontented enough, then plans will have to be either modified so as to be more gentle & salubrious, or so as to be more urgently violent.

It seems that, most of all for people the world over, waking-up is so hard to do, when you don’t know what it is that you don’t know, but would benefit from knowing. That’s the curse of moving & thinking in herds, safety in numbers, don’t stand-out from the crowd, it’s the cowardice of self-preservation that will inevitably stop us from stopping those who will annihilate us & everything we ever knew.

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  1. Hofstadter show Teddy Roosevelt Progressives get cushy jobs for scions not get hands dirty in factory and keep poor folk out of forest enviralmental. FDA founded in 1906 and 1928 as eugenics, keep medicine snobby and away from poor folk. 1918 influenza was result to cut down all the poor folk who prevent evolution eugenics with 1925 Scopes Trial. That what Fauci all about.

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