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You think the Democrats are in for the next four years? Think again, they’re about to try & ensure an indefinite hold on power, the first step is 100% control of election results, the second is consolidation of media space to ONLY include orthodox views, third is to strip rights from people, on everything from gun ownership to land rights & all places in between, fourth is to render Christian worship, if not exactly illegal, then just downright impossible..

Fifth is to collude with Big Tech & the Banking Giants, to use the smart-phone everyone’s* got, to divide the people into acceptable & unacceptable.. for dining, shopping online or even in-store, flying, getting a passport (!) etcetera etcetera..

Sixth is to close all private schools, making “school choice” a hollow phrase.. Seventh is the continual marriage of the terms, “Fascist & Nazi” with the terms “Conservative & Republican”, as if they mean the same things & one is always the euphemism for the other.

Such invidious politicisation of language is exactly what Orwell himself warned everyone about over & over again, it is dreadfully important to look to the language being used & how it’s being used..

Eighth is the state seizure of arable land, land perfect for farming, which they continue in some places, but in others, to “return it to nature”, fencing it off from all visitors, in the delusion that by doing so they’re “saving the planet”.. (Eh?) (WTF?) How deluded & unthinking do you have to be to believe such utter equine excreta?

Ninth is the instantiation of global governance, ostensibly from DAVOS, the UN & the WEF, through national governments, so people think about Scandinavian socialism softened by American realism, but it’s really being run from Beijing, so it’s HARD line Communism for the majorities, super-rich elitism for the ruling classes.. & THAT’S ’21st Century Socialism’..

Tenth, finally, this will all be made PERMANENT, an unquestionable fact of life, very quickly becoming “the new normal” they’ve been telling us about, & within one single generation, any other way of living will actually have become UNIMAGINABLE.. Orwell was right..

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  1. Connor, I love that you see the scope of the crisis. Have you read The Fourth Turning? Civil war is certain unless pro-liberty forces in the Dem states can de-power the march of tyranny in the heart of the beast, especially the corrupt cities. I think that it is crucial the the Repub states have a concrete idea to rally around. I believe that idea is The Bill of Rights II. As we have seen the many ways that concentrations of power attract the psychopathic personalities that lust after power in an almost non-human way, then just as the Founders were able to operationally define tyranny as the “majority”, and create the Bill of Rights from this axiom, then let us re-create this document to include individual rights that can counter the current abuses in Big Tech Gov Bank Biz. How can we build individual rights into all these areas?

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    • I still haven’t read the book, but anyway, your question at the end there, made me think; A Charter of Workers Rights, separate from both Government & Corporate ‘involvement’, but employing lawyers & judges to make sure of its legality, every step of the way. States have powers, if they want to use them, to instantiate state-wide laws that would give workers more rights, regardless of whom their employer happens to be.

      Interestingly, in Russia, because of the legacy of the Soviet era, workers are seriously protected from any abuses by management or anyone else in their workplace, up to & including, firing on the spot, or lessening the amount of shift-gours you get, constant night-shift, whatever, they have an amazing amount of protection.


  2. Thank you.. I have not read the book you mention, there are so many good books to read, it’s almost impossible to tell when whichever ones I am [always] currently reading, will include this book in particular, but maybe sooner than I might have done..


  3. I think your hypothesis about the endpoint for the Democrats is correct, the timing will be the interesting part. Over the last 30 years while the Republicans were busy creating think tanks and writing white papers the Democrats have been busy passing policies at every level of government. By playing the long game even when they are temporarily out of power like a computer virus the policies they enact slowly eat away at both the institutional and constitutional safeguards. You can see that in the legislative agenda they plan to cram through between now and the 2022 midterms. Even if they can’t pass the HR1 bill to officially steal elections the massive socialist agenda will overwhelm the divided Republicans ability to effect any meaningful changes without veto override numbers in both houses which is highly unlikely. The constant Covid-19 fear mongering and 24/7 Marxist propaganda from both corporate and social media has changed the American psyche to a malleable level of submission I would never have though possible 24 months ago. Great sense making in your article stay vigilant.

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  4. Consider putting QR codes on little slips of paper and dropping them from drones on crowds. That will really frustrate the censors. Actually you can drop them from inside your pants legs and the millenials will scan them right off the street without picking them up. Or printing slogans and memes on copier labels and putting them on vending machines and eye level at doors entries. Also in the 1970s CB radios blasted into your sounds system even if it was unplugged. Bet these millenial devices have lousy chinese shielding you can broadcast into? Then tell them their rmomma ot the purse dog pleasuring their privates is a space alien and they believe!

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  5. Th einternet needs to be retransformed. Google is evil. The problem
    with Google is not privacy which is a deliberate distraction
    as privacy is even used to justify abortion. The problem is monopoly
    censorship as most other search engines, even while feigning privacy, use
    Google’s database. Page rank is the source of rancor because it amplifies
    noise instead of producing objective results. Google scanning major
    libraries has caused many libraries to close or reduce their collections.
    Google also betrayed their deja news franchise by increasingly limiting and
    deleting usenet newsgroup archives. Neurotic password changes and twister
    verification dances actually expose security by forgeting, to only make users
    more mentally unstable so AIDA marketing model shouting can coerce them, just
    like date rape drugs. How does Google demand insecure Javascript on its web
    sites but mess up Java on Android? NGINX, indeed! If you ask their self
    driving car to take you to Dallas will it curate you to Austin instead? In
    1978 Peter Grace pushed cap gains differential which spawned Apple, Amgen,
    Genentech and Microsoft, but Rostenkowsky reversed it, anihilating the
    patient capital model of Bessemre, Doriot, Termans and Thermo Electron,
    spawning frivolous ventures like Google and Facebook and even worse,
    decimating the American Beauty Rose of industry with LBOs and the elimination
    of NBS/NIST standards.


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