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Changes Coming to Torchlight

We wish to thank all of you who have supported Torchlight 2017 during the past year. Our viewership has increased dramatically thanks to those of you who have not only read our articles, but shared them over social media.

We are your voice. The proof? Four additional writers who were previously part of our audience have stepped forward to join our ranks, two of them from the United Kingdom.

Because of the tremendous response from that part of the World we have added a section dedicated exclusively to events taking place there.

Most recently we’ve added a correspondent who’s focus is dedicated exclusively to the Economy.

We’ve grown and made changes to accommodate all who read our Blog regularly and now it’s time for us to make even greater changes and improvements but, we need your help to do so.

We have added a Support and Patronage page to our Site, please visit our menu for details.

We need to raise funds which will permit us to move to a new platform and help to cover our operating expenses until we’re firmly established there. All donations can be made safely through an encrypted service.

Unlike some publications who “take the money and run”, we will have a page listing all of you who support us financially by levels.

In addition, we will be offering something unique. Those contributing 25.00 and above will be entitled to have an Article written specifically for them.

This can be in the nature of a Celebration, i.e. Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding, etc, but not for commercial purposes. We will also include any media you choose to send us within that article, from pictures, to video.

Of course the materials provided must be tasteful in nature and we reserve the right to reject any subject matter or images that would be considered inflammatory or offensive to our readers as determined by our Editorial staff. Other than that, we are up for the challenge.

This will be a one time offer per donation and fullfilled in the order in which they’re received. We reserve the right to rescind or modify this offer at any time. However, notification will be made in advance and those who’ve contributed prior to such notification will be accommodated.

A section to our menu will be added specifically for these articles so that you will always have access to them.

We will also be offering sponsored articles for Businesses or Organizations to those contributing 100.00 and above.

Ad space within our regular articles will also be available using materials supplied by those wishing to take advantage of this service.

Rates for this TBD. However, as we are still relatively new, they will be far more competitive than most platforms in the Industry.

We look forward to this new and exciting chapter in our history and to providing you, our readers, with even more thought provoking content and features.

Thanking you in advance for your support.

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