China Coughs & The World Gets Sick

Lockdown, self-isolation, panic-buying, infection, case mortality rates, misinformation, media contradicting itself..

The world has been well and truly shafted by the Chinese Communist Party’s total incompetence, lies, denialism, and monumental mishandling of the worst global health crisis in a generation.

Europe has been brought to its knees, the US is about to experience a plague-like scenario in its healthcare system, that will overwhelm its capacity to function, at even a basic level.

Everywhere we look, at any major centres of population, and many smaller ones too, we see the same things, a few cases, after two weeks lots of more cases, after a month, the growth rate stops being a curve on the graph, and becomes a straight line upwards.

Without social distancing, without great care and attention, without closed borders, & without centralised efforts at support for such a drastic program, ‘everyone’ will get it.

Although that could greatly increase the chance of a population developing ‘herd immunity’, it’s not a process that’s set in stone. There is no immunity to the plague virus, for instance, and it still kills people in some parts of the world today.

A great many people of middle age are now starting to worry much more about their seasonal colds & flus, and about their general state of poorer than optimal health. This worry extends, of course, to those above sixty and seventy, especially if they have any pre-existing health problems.

The markets will probably weather this without too much serious loss, but an awful lot of small businesses will struggle greatly to continue, unless they can deliver to the door.

I assume that the main purpose of ‘lockdown’, is to deny the virus new victims, while the infected that have been separated from the unknowns/uninfected, can be isolated, and possibly treated in some way. Then having the remainder of the population in self-isolation makes sense as one way to ‘test’ everyone, this will only work if conducted over the maximum incubation time-period.

The empty streets of Milan and Turin, show that this is maybe possible, even with a population that can’t wait to get back out into the street & resume kissing each other & shaking hands.

It may be some time before that behaviour will return to those streets though, unless the Europeans are willing to follow the example set by China itself, in severity, and in terms of the vast logistics of completely disinfecting entire cities all throughout Europe.

In Britain, the Beleagured Brexiting Brits are having their patience tried to its limits with a government & its media arm, that seems to be taking a cavalier approach to public health, they don’t seem to have learned the real ‘Lessons from Lombardy’.

Lockdown denies the virus new infections, as does closing borders to all but heavily screened commercial traffic. Home isolation will show new cases, but their number will obviously then eventually decrease, rather than just continuously increase over time.

Meanwhile, children can take lessons online, exams can be postponed, secure, hygienic delivery of foods & goods will do the most business of all, & areas of community spread can be disinfected by specialist teams of government/military operatives.

All this because, presumably, the coronavirus testing laboratory that sits literally next door to the live-seafood market in Wuhan, blamed as being the starting point of this Pandemic, had sloppy infection controls, or released waste negligently, or whatever..

Globalisation is here, which is why, & how, this plague has spread, and its apparent mutation into two strains, with the variants exploiting different functions & different systems of & within the living [human] organism, it seems like full-blown, physical global reach, by people, can be far more dangerous than it may be beneficial.

The fact that around eighty percent of people who contract the novel coronavirus, do not become sick with Covid19 and its pneumoniatic complications, has meant that a great many people have willfully spread the disease among the general population, endangering everyone of any age with pre-existing conditions related to organs, bones, tissues &/or their nervous system, & risking the lives of all of our grandparents & parents.

I already predicted that two of the things that would assist in the spread of this virus widely, and more speedily than many thought, are complacency & ignorance. I was right.

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