YeeHa! We got an ole’ Fashioned Impeachment!

Who’s got the beer and popcorn?

And if we’re real lucky, Attorney General Barr will preside over an equally old fashioned hanging of the guilty conspiritors once the main show is over.

In this great nation of our’s, we have reduced ourselves into factions of Conservatives on one side, and rabid slobbering Pseudo-Communists on the other. Moderates have gone the way of Al Gore’s imminent flooding of Manhatten…extinct.

The coals of HildeBeast’s ignominious defeat haven’t cooled yet, but “They’re” prodding the Deplorables once again. I frankly don’t see any mileage in that approach although the “Ragin’ Cajun” may disagree…Go on Hil, grab the tiger by the tail!

I think this Impeachment will ultimately go nowhere, aside from riling up a wave of voters who have not yet awakened to the depth and breadth of the Deep State. I can see a repetition of Nixon’s “Silent Majority” warping into a massive Red Tidal wave in 2020.

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