Our governments are not testing all of us at this time, only those who show symptoms, so the lockdowns in place all over the world, will be made much less effective, and MUST be accompanied by the testing of everyone, in every country in the world, this can only be done effectively after it has been agreed to suspend ALL non-essential travel from any country, to any other country.

This international lockdown cannot come soon enough, all foreign travel everywhere must be suspended, while every country carries out a census, and every address is visited by testing teams, specially equipped to test people at their doors, and go away again, leaving them locked-down until the result comes through.

If this is NOT done, then this CRISIS WILL GO ON FOR YEARS, millions upon millions of asymptomatic infections will go undiagnosed if the testing of entire national populations is not done. This is obvious once we think about it for a moment..

THE biggest priority, in terms of production of needed goods is ventilator machines and their specialised medical teams. I think it’s equally important to produce a couple of Billion test kits, ideally ones that could be used, at home, by everyone, how far off that is I leave to you to guess, my guess is that it’s not even being thought of or planned.

China’s still infected population WILL cause a second wave of infections this coming winter, IF WE DON’T QUARANTINE CHINA COMPLETELY. We need to tell the Chinese people that they can’t leave their country, until they have ACTUALLY got their own epidemic under control.

This is the single biggest challenge the world faces right now, and if we get it wrong, like many of us have been doing, then yes, it will drag on for years, possibly generations, and change everything about social living in every country, and that would be sad.

Culminating in living in permanent social isolation, or having to wear the eqivalent of a cross-between a Haz-Chem Outfit, and a Space-Suit whenever we leave our houses, that could be what we unwittingly create as a future human society, if we don’t do the right things in the right order, as of now..

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