I haven’t written an editorial thus far.

My childhood friend, Torchlight founder, and co-editor, Anthony Rizutto, who I sorely miss on these pages, would have easily written volumes in these past few days.

My wife asked me how I felt after the DC goings on.

Appalled. I had first thought, disappointed, then I mused, perhaps dismayed is the word. But it is deeper than that. I am appalled by the disregard and disrespect shown our sitting President.

I find myself in disbelief at the width, depth, and breadth of The Swamp, that Donald Trump has confronted on our behalf.

I am equally shocked that nearly half of our population just doesn’t “get it”.

That we actually have duly elected and sworn representatives musing that Re-education facilities are the order of the day, for supporters of the President, and that there is a collective and pregnant silence meeting these outrageous pronouncements.

It truly makes me wonder what kind of third-world hellhole do I find myself living in.

I am terrified of how quickly and easily opposing viewpoints are squelched, with zero backlash.

We all understand that the Pendulum swings with each Presidential Election, but this has been like a scythe through the American Heartland.

I hope there will be a swift recovery, lest we recall that “You don’t need a WeatherMan to know which way the wind blows”.

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  1. If it is of any solace – you are not alone in these thoughts. I often think of what Anthony would be doing and saying right now!


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