Pink Slips all around!

It has become more apparent of late, than ever in our history, that the folks in Washington DC, have forgotten who they work for.

As an American taxpayer, and householder of many more years than I wish to admit, I really want to learn the economic breakthrough that takes a $174,000 annual salary and multiplies it to the astounding wealth levels we keep hearing of in our Congress.

Wasnt it Harry Truman, a Democrat, and probably the last honest (D) to hold the presidency who implied that honest men dont go back home wealthier than when they left.

Never mind Rahm Emmanual’s “We go lower” quip, or Mad Maxine and her uncivilized gutter rants. I propose that we cut them off at the knees, where it hurts them the most…in the wallet. Compel them to go home and face their former constituencies while trying to earn an honest living for once, and be forced to look them in the eye at the same time.

Never mind how they have treated the President the last four years. Never mind the wasted treasure and time hampering his and our goals. Or the endless, pointless witch-hunts yielding nothing. Never mind the actions bordering on treason.

I think we should maintain a list, just as “They” have proposed, and vote EVERY LAST one of these skunks out of office until they are all gone.

Its long past time to hand out the Pink Slips.

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