Media Bias

What he said….


The polls are coming in right now, and the Democrats are running scared.

The response of the “Democratic Socialists” is to double down on the lies.

The economy is strong, unemployment is lower than it’s been in a very long time, and Trump’s agenda is not only working but resonating with the American public.

So they take the President out of context, and lie. Most recently editing video to twist the meaning of a statement made by the President.

What will they stop at? Nothing, I think.

The animals in this case are the members of the fourth estate, the media.

They hold themselves out at the protectors of truth, but in reality they are the projectors of their own biases and agenda, and it’s not what the American people want or need.

They are truly desperate.

What President Trump really said is here:

Here’s the Seattle Times trying to trap him:

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