What’s missing from the prominent media narrative concerning Mr Cummings’ visit to his parent’s property when he and his wife were starting to become sick with CV19, and would not be able to take care of their very young child, is the simple fact that he stuck within the “guidelines”, and broke no laws during what must have been a terrible crisis for he and his wife.

The tone of the BBC and like media, has been one of barely suppressed hysteria, false accounts of the PM’s close adviser being seen all over the map of England, demonstrate the fatuity of said claims.

The curious self-outing of all of these networks, in their sheer naked hatred of anyone of the opposition camp, has, just as curiously, gone unnoticed by commentators more concerned with sensationalist hackery, than with either reliable reportage’, or anything like readable op-eds.

The other lacuna in the public discourse, the gap of silence, is that people everywhere have been breaking these lockdown “rules”, and getting away with it, and that it’s been happening in the Labour party ranks and among their metropolitan elites as well.

While the terrified mainstream public cower in their homes, the chances of them contracting the virus, in most places, have dropped to virtually zero, yet the lockdown here in GB goes on until June, and even then it’s only a partial opening-up of society.

I hope our PM gets his “mojo” back, and enthuses the hell out of everyone, just as he did when it was Brexit that was the crisis. Mr Cummings is the architectural partner of those political dreams that Boris Johnson has promoted for decades, and must be allowed to stay, on which note I’m glad to say that, as of writing this piece, Mr Johnson has determined publicly that he will not sack Mr Cummings, and Mr Cummings refuses to resign.

All of this seems like the most non-news item since CNN reported a fly flew past President Trump’s face at a public briefing recently.

And yet, it’s symptomatic of these media outlets maladies, their unwillingness to countenance anything opposing their ideological stance, regardless of its truth or need, their willingness to embrace the total destruction of their whole world, on the altar of woke politics, identity politics, politically correct madness.

To keep us indoors unil the economy is so broke we can’t fix it, is the wet-dream of the neo-Marxists now in all the institutions of power and influence in the west, they can hardly believe their luck, so they tell their union commissars to vote against a return to work, under some pretext concerning safety from CV19.

Insurers will not allow CV19 on any policy of accident, or life insurance policies, none, so the unions are telling us they don’t want their members to return to work until it’s legally guaranteed 100% safe, which guarantee, cannot obviously ever be made.

To dare to go outside, other than to shop as briefly as possible, or to exercise, or attend to medical needs, of your own or of a person categorised as “vulnerable”, is to risk the scream and wails of the urban elites now imprisoned in their soulless studio apartments, overlooking devastatingly empty streets, and of the smug commentators from villages with a population smaller than a London queue for the 73 bus.

These moralisers of the public sphere, are hustlers themselves, it’s always been a trusim, that those who point the finger most at others, have too often themselves, the most to hide.

In daring to do what he had to do, and in lieu of any other news, the hacks who wait outside his door each night, thought their many long vigils had been rewarded, alas for them, it was not to be, but they will convince many that their lies are truth.

How wise does someone have to be, to tell shit from sugar?

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