A Tale of Two Cities…Saigon and Kabul

For the second instance in my lifetime, we have suffered an ignominious defeat at the hands of an unwashed rabble.

In the first instance I recall South Vietnamese, most of whom we had used to our own purposes, and were about to abandon, clutching at the struts of helicopters on the roof of the American Embassy, desperately attempting escape from certain retribution at the hands of the North Vietnamese. Other desperate souls trying to clamber into the wheel wells of aircraft taking off at Da Nang Airport. The final leftovers haggling with Chinese Pirates in the South China Sea to gain passage to Malaysia or Hong Kong…much later becoming the much talked of “Boat People”. I know some of these people and have heard their stories. My wife was fortunate that her family was safe in Hanoi at the time – all they would have to look forward to was twenty years of starvation thanks to our embargoes.

In Afghanistan, the “game” is still playing out. Suffice it to say, a “Rabble” armed with inferior equipment somehow managed to defeat the most advanced military force the world has ever seen. All of you “Anti-Second Amendment” Politicians should take heed.

Although the end result in Afghanistan is yet to be seen, the message is once again all too painfully clear… Help Uncle Sam and get the shaft.

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