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First they banned us from meeting in person, then they banned us from meeting online. Next they just ban us altogether. The night of long knives has begun. We now have the rise of a tyrannical oligarchy in America, controlled by bad, inept and corrupt political actors and […]

Breaking The News

Forty Nine Muslims are confirmed as dead after a gunman opened fire on them at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand. Cue much hand-wringing and vicarious [fake] grieving by TV presenters, politicians, and the liberal media’s talking heads. I await the usual self-loathing analysis and commentary by western […]

If he’s White burn down the Town. If he’s Black don’t look back.

Shelia Jackson Lee Democrat of Texas just confirmed my point that the intent of the left was to use this tragedy for political purposes. Despite the fact that the perp arrested has turned out to be Black she’s still pushing this as a racist hate crime. https://www.foxnews.com/us/texas-democrat-congresswoman-stands-by-remarks-suggesting-jazmine-barnes-killing-may-have-been-hate-crime They […]

Real “Fake News”

The Media gasps in horror everytime somone utters the phrase, “Fake News.”. Their outrage is as fake as their reports. They know exactly what their doing, they’re just not used to being called on it. They find the heat unbearable and are praying in November their buddies, (who […]