From the front lines – Literally!

Covid19 – can’t hide from it. It’s everywhere now. As a medical professional I feel the need to say a few things beyond the obvious. Social distancing is our new norm and personal protection is key, but some of you are clearly not experienced with some of the “tools of the trade.”

Allow me. Facial masks. I see people everywhere wearing them now. A few pointers. While the masks might prevent you from exhaling droplets possibly containing a virus, they do not stop you from inhaling them! They must be worn covering your nose as well as your mouth, and the gaps at the sides allow germs plenty of access. If you insist on wearing one, please get yourself some first aid tape, preferably the clear tape that looks like scotch tape and is gentler on your skin, and seal all around the mask.

Gloves. Must be changed often! More often than you think. They are a hot commodity right now, and really should be left to supply the people on the front lines. But if you insist on using them, then please use them correctly. One pair of gloves touching everything defeats the purpose. You touch your FILTHY phone screen, your dirty keys and fob, your dirty steering wheel and drive to the grocery store where the same pair of gloves now touches your dirty cart and everything dirty you put in it. Then you move on to the produce aisle where those same dirty gloves are used to pick through fruits and vegetables! You are much better off using soap and water and washing your hands often then the one pair of bedraggled surgical gloves.

Money. We ALL know paper money is dirty. It’s overkill to keep your money in a zip loc bag, and yes I’ve seen it. You take your dirty money out, give it to the cashier and then take the dirty money she gives you back in your change, and add it to the rest of the dirty money you stuffed in it. Just stop!

We all know it’s scary. Just stay home if you can and practice good hygiene. This too shall pass. Stop hoarding the toilet paper and thank your medical professionals and first responders. That is all.

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