A Bittersweet Birthday

A tribute to our recently departed founding editor, and our friend, Anthony Rizzuto.

Birthdays, they’re supposed to be “happy.” Cake with candles, balloons, presents and friends and family singing.  We hope that is how you are spending your first birthday in Heaven my dear.  I like to picture you at the head of the table, engaging in a little banter and some thoughtful recourse, and of course some politics thrown in.  I hope you have a glass in hand, and are surrounded by friends and family who were waiting for you to join them.

Your birthday, here on earth is not quite so festive.  No cake,  no balloons, no singing.  Just those of us you have left behind, alone with our thoughts and our memories of you.  We will raise a glass to the sky, and send along a little prayer and a hope that you are at peace.  You left us way too soon!  Yet even though your physical presence cannot be felt, you are still with us in spirit and even though we can no longer pick up a phone and hear your voice, or walk in a room and see your face, we will carry on,  keeping  your dream alive.

Happy Birthday Ant!!!  Til we meet again my friend.


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  1. A beautiful tribute to our founding Editor, Anthony Rizzuto. I know he IS with all of us in our hearts, always. Anthony never failed to demonstrate the inherent goodness in humankind through all the lives his time on earth touched. I join you in raising a glass, and sending a heartfelt prayer, to our beloved friend Anthony Rizzuto! Thank you for this heartfelt remembrance of Anthony’s birthday.

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    • I knew Anthony since grade school. We had many adventures together. Anthony at his best reminded me of his dad Anthony Joseph Rizzuto. Anthony certainly had his dad’s warmth and generosity. He had his dad’s outrageous sense of humor and he certainly had his father’s enormous stoicism and fortitude which Anthony demonstrated in the last brave and hard fought months of his life.

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