Gender Politics : Smoke & Mirrors By Jason L. Waters

I used to consider myself fairly left of center when it came to most political ideals. I believe it is right for anyone to hold any belief they wish, until upon the point which that belief negatively impacts on the lives of others. It’s a tricky balance but one we here in the west have been able to adhere to until things became convoluted by radical fringe beliefs that are now being spoon fed to our children and ourselves by a liberal party I no longer recognise. Everywhere we look, be it Vox, Vice or any number of cultural publications aimed at the University aged young adults of America, (and sickeningly even the preadolescence) now freely (and in Canada forcibly by law) proclaim that sex and gender are no longer one in the same.

This presents obvious problems to any serious thinking person. If someone wants to identify as a tree and they’re harming nobody but themselves, great, but don’t expect me to address you as a tree. Don’t expect your passport to refer to you as a tree.  Of course I’m being a tad facetious here, but only a tad.

Facebook, still the leading social media platform of the day seeks to recognise no less than 76 genders? Did I miss the memo? What is actually going on here, and more to the point, why is it going on? The answer is easy. The Democrats are hoping to gain the votes of those whom are encouraged to see themselves as outsiders, be it race, sexuality, and the genderless minorities.

Of course not only are these lunatic notions being harnessed by the Democrats, they’re actively scare mongering an entire youth into believing that the Republican’s would seek to lock them up for being “different”.

The card they are using? Donald Trump.

I’m not going to pretend I support all of Trump’s policies, but his honesty is refreshing in a political sphere that would have you hung from the rafters if you dared have a differing opinion, because you know that is now considered to be ‘’Triggering’’, and god knows there’s not enough safe spaces for these mind controlled Robots to scurry to.

TPPY Award Entries

However it is not the fault of the young. I’m laying the blame squarely on the radical left Professors spouting such utter rubbish to malleable developing minds. If you think I’m being harsh let’s have a little look at exactly what pronouns are being taught to our children as acceptable ways to identify themselves, the following are a few of these absurd pronouns being dished out in the education system and media. You may identify as any of the following on any given day you choose;

Fae, Faer, Em, Eir, Sis Male, Per, Pers, Ze, Hir, Xyrs, Verself, Perself, Xemself, Xem, Ve, Zerself, Eirself, Zim…

Those were just 18 of 76 different ways young adults and preadolescence children are being told they can choose from on a daily basis. If it were for the best, if having a man in the biological sense identifying as female and using female toilets were some kind of stride forward I’d be all for it, but I see it for what it is.

A sad, pathetic attempt to isolate and instil hatred by the Democrats in an attempt to muddy the gender waters so much that actually being a proud male, or female, is a thing to be jeered at.

However, the worst is yet to come. Countless Left wing parents are actually preventing their children entering into natural puberty just in-case they might decide they’re not ready to identify with pre-assigned gender roles.

The conclusion is far from simple. Whilst on the one hand the Democrats continue to undermine and erode the great American Constitution, blaming every mass shooting on every gun owner in America, they’re also throwing the future adults and leaders of America into identity turmoil for the sake of a few votes.

Somewhere, the line was crossed, and accountability is long overdue.

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