Lessons Learned

The last four years have been a learning experience for most of us.

I watched the Watergate hearings in 1973. I read the tape transcripts in The New York Times – when it was still a newspaper worthy of reading. I recall my parent’s horror at the language that was apparently in use by our President and his aides and staff. This was a time where we still collectively worshiped the fabulous illusion of the Kennedy Camelot years. And when we still had a blind faith in our Government.

Thanks to President Trump, our eyes have once again been forced open. We had long heard of “The Swamp”. But we never understood the width, breadth, and depth of the morass in Washington, DC. For all the corruption, greed, and self-service that we can now clearly see, it is a wonder “The System” works at all. Is there a single honest person in the whole bunch? I wonder.

Now that the “Establishment” breathes a huge sigh of relief, that the Bad, Bad Orange Man is gone, replaced by their puppet, it is our duty and obligation to pick up Trump’s torch and flush out these ne’er-do-wells once and for all. Banish them from every dark dingy corner of Washington, and take back our Government, or all of President Trumps work and effort will have been for nothing, and we will continue on as the blind sheep that they want us to be.

President Trump was the catalyst. There are at least 75 million of us here, and many more around the world who support us. We should be able to get the job done and cleanup These United States.

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