Category: From the Front Line

Testing, Testing, 1-2-3..

Our governments are not testing all of us at this time, only those who show symptoms, so the lockdowns in place all over the world, will be made much less effective, and MUST be accompanied by the testing of everyone, in every country in the world, this can […]


Xi Jinping, the dictator of Communist China, is playing a dangerous game, his lies about China’s actions to combat the Chinese epidemic, have meant that maybe a million Chinese have died. In Wuhan, where the outbreak apparently started, there’s a laboratory researching coronaviruses, actually literally next-door to the […]

After the Virus

There will come a day when we will look back at this time, and shudder, for all sorts of reasons; the political incompetence and dishonesty, the sheer number of tragic deaths, the challenges to returning to something like normal life, whatever that means. One of the things that […]