Mass Formation Pyschosis Is Here

It should be no surprise to most humans on the planet that our primary source for information for the past decade or so has predominantly been Google. Almost no one uses reference books, periodicals, research documents, or libraries anymore.

People Google it.

Our primary encyclopedia is now Wikipedia. People almost never use real encyclopedias anymore and almost no one knows how to use the library system for research. We used to learn it in school along with the Dewey Decimal System. Card catalogs and microfiches are now considered antiquated and virtually extinct.

Wikipedia was originally a compilation of crowd-sourced information, a concept that was questionable in itself, but now they limit who can actually input data to those who have the right leftist mindset. It’s not encyclopedic, it’s editorial at best and propaganda at worst. Mind control is here.

All this would be mostly fine if Google was an objective source of broad-based information that let the Googler decide what was valid and what was not. But now Google is manually tinkering with the search results and key words to further keep us from the truth, which raised the question: is this an attempt at creating Mass Formation Psychosis?

And you can’t Google Mass Formation Psychosis because Google has been manually hiding the most pertinent search results from you.

The reason why is unclear, but what is clear is that information is control. Whomever controls the information controls the narrative. What is also imminently clear is that total control of all information is the goal of tyrants and dictators. It’s why libraries and books were burned back in the Middle Ages and even more recently.

Information technology isn’t offering an unbridled information source if the results are being throttled to confirm with a narrative.

The burning of the Reichstag seems quaint in retrospect.

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  1. Everything can be manipulated if we are not vigilant. Google is most pernicious. The problem with Google is not privacy which is a deliberate distraction as privacy is even used to justify abortion. The problem is monopoly censorship as most other search engines, even while feigning privacy, use Google’s database. Page rank is the source of rancor because it amplifies noise instead of producing objective results. Google scanning major libraries has caused many libraries to close or reduce their collections. Google also betrayed their deja news franchise by increasingly limiting and deleting usenet newsgroup archives. Neurotic password changes and twister verification dances actually expose security by forgetting, to only make users more mentally unstable so AIDA marketing model shouting can coerce them, just like date rape drugs. How does Google demand insecure Javascript on its web sites but mess up Java on Android? NGINX, indeed! If you ask their self driving car to take you to Dallas will it curate you to Austin instead? In 1978 Peter Grace pushed cap gains differential which spawned Apple, Amgen, Genentech and Microsoft, but Rostenkowsky reversed it, annihilating the patient capital model of Bessemre, Doriot, Termans and Thermo Electron, spawning frivolous ventures like Google and Facebook and even worse, decimating the American Beauty Rose of industry with LBOs and the elimination of NBS/NIST standards.


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