Hillary and Obama’s People are in Much Bigger Trouble than the Media Will Admit

Late last week, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that he would not appoint a second Special Counsel to investigate potential crimes relating to the FBI’s mishandling of Hillary Clinton’s email scandal, the various alleged misdeeds of Andrew McCabe, Peter Strozk, and James Comey, the corruption-clouded Uranium One deal, the abuse of FISA warrant procedure against Carter Page, and the surveillance of the Trump campaign and transition team. Sessions instead decided to appoint John Huber, the U.S. Attorney for the District of Utah, to lead the investigation. While it drew criticism from some conservatives in Congress who still want a second Special Counsel, upon closer inspection, the move looks to be a very shrewd one.
By tasking Huber with the investigation, Sessions has actually greatly increased the legal peril of Hillary & Co. and Obama’s Circle. Since the investigation is happening in Utah, anything presented to a grand jury there would almost certainly be heard by a mostly Republican panel.

In addition, Huber is working in conjunction with DoJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz and his staff of around 470 people and has apparently been investigating since last November. That means he is already pretty far along and doesn’t need the ramp-up time of a new Special Counsel. More importantly, Huber was originally an Obama appointee who was re-appointed by President Trump. This adds credibility to any charges he brings and essentially immunizes the DoJ to charges of political bias.
Let’s also not forget that, as The Hill reported back in January, the FBI and the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Arkansas have launched a fresh probe into the Clinton Foundation over pay-to-play violations, among other things.

None of this includes the independent investigation being conducted by DoJ IG Michael Horowitz, who is expected to issue a devastating report, as soon as this month. (By the way, am I the only one that thinks Andrew McCabe’s GoFundMe legal defense site is weird, given that he hasn’t been charged with any crimes? Perhaps he knows something we don’t?)
Of course, The Department of Justice is not the only one on the case.

Congress is still pursuing answers to its own questions. Regardless of the lack of results thus far, no one in the Clinton and Obama camps should be sleeping easily at night.

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