“Although everybody who was in any degree progressive recognised the evils of oligarchy throughout the past history of mankind, many progressives were taken in by an argument for a new kind of oligarchy. ‘We, the progressives’ — so runs the argument — ‘are the wise and good; we know what reforms the world needs; if we have power, we shall create a paradise.’ And so, narcissistically hypnotised by contemplation of their own wisdom and goodness, they proceeded to create a new tyranny, more drastic than any previously known.”

~Bertrand Russell, The Impact of Science on Society

We are witnessing a planned, controlled demolition of our economy by corrupt Democrats, RINOs, WEF Central Bank policy, and a criminal cartel of nefarious foreign influences. This cartel or cabal rolled out and used a deadly pathogen to put a stranglehold on the world in order to enact what they call The Great Reset; the plan to establish a New World Order and one world government. It seeks to destroy sovereignty and individual currencies in the process while impoverishing the world and controlling every aspect of people’s lives.

Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum, has stated their goal openly:

“You will own nothing and be happy.”

This is the mantra of The Great Reset, which is actually the title of Schwab’s book. Have you read it? It’s a plan whereby outsiders like Schwab and the globalists determine your destiny and impoverish the world under global socialist dictatorship.

Inflation, due to artificial manipulation of supply chains, is now pushing 10%, and the prices for basic necessities are going through the roof.

Economic growth in the US has been negative for the past two consecutive quarters, which is the textbook definition of an economic recession.

Open borders and manipulated refugee crises have weakened nations and strained resources.

Government regulations are choking small businesses. Interest rates have nearly tripled and gasoline prices have more than doubled.

All this in just a couple of years with the globalists in control of the G7, or Group of 7, which used to be the G8, until they removed Russia to create an antithetical and artificial enemy. Under the Marxist dialectic, these tyrants required a boogeyman, and they found one in Russia.

None of this is coincidence.

Current economic events are making even the toughest among us cry for “MAMA”.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. There’s a simple solution out of all this.

We can fix it all rather quickly by immediately and drastically lowering individual and corporate taxes and regulations, returning to a sound money policy, like the gold standard, returning to law and order and adhering to the Rule of Law and Constitution, reestablishing trade tariffs with China and others, eliminating mask and vaccine protocols which stifle private business and the public sector, like police and military, streamlining and expediting the supply chains, eliminating all aspects of the Green New Deal, lowering interest rates, removing all gasoline taxes, and drilling for more oil domestically and offshore, and opening and completing all pipelines, which would make the United States energy independent and a net exporter of petroleum, as it was just two years ago under President Donald Trump.

But of course, Democrats and the Central Bank are doing just the opposite, according to plan. They have defrauded the FISA Court, falsely impeached a president based on a phony Russian dossier, participated in several political coups in Ukraine to install their puppets, and started unnecessary wars which created massive global refugee situations, flooding and weakening the borders of Europe and the US. They are the reason why we are failing economically and for these criminal activities and for committing treason and sedition against their country they must be forcibly removed from office.

Once that is accomplished we need a solution. Who can lead the way in fixing this and pulling us out of this recession, returning us to growth and prosperity?

You guessed it. President Donald Trump and his team, perhaps coupled with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis as a running mate.

After all, he’s done it before. We have all witnessed it. His policies turned the US economy around on a dime then, and they will do it again now.

We had 1.9% inflation and lower taxes, lower regulations and energy independence and much lower oil and gas prices under Trump, and when he is installed back into office because he rightfully won the 2020 election, we will have it again.

DeSantis, for his part, has turned sleepy Florida into a booming and thriving economy, among the best in the nation. People from all over the US are flocking to Florida to participate in the economic miracle happening there. Florida is thriving in part because DeSantis strongly rejected the artificially contrived Covid mandates and refused to shut down businesses and schools.

Trump and DeSantis together would be unstoppable in turning the country around.

Let’s throw these bums and criminals out in November, rebuke the international fascist puppet masters like Klaus Schwab and George Soros, and replace them with people who know what they’re doing and have a proven track record of getting things done, so we can return our great nation to the robust economic growth we saw during the Trump years.

Better yet, let’s expose their crimes and bring them to justice.

Just compare these two periods:

2022: Election Year: Monkeypox, Monkeypox vaccine, useless masks, proposed lockdowns, Marburg rising, Marburg vaccine, masks, lockdowns, etc. Trump Jan 6 witch hunt (fake testimonies and no evidence), censorship of opposition, shortages of certain essentials, riots, false flag shootings, proposed mail in ballots again, plus now massive inflation and a ginned-up war.

2020: Election Year: Covid, Covid vaccine, useless masks, devastating lockdowns, Trump impeachment witch hunt (fake evidence), censorship of opposition, shortages of certain essentials, riots, false flag shootings, mail in ballots, resulting in election fraud

Here we go again.

The devil is not creative. The devil is repetitive and predictable, like a broken record.

We do not battle flesh and blood.

The question is whether you will get played again by the devil’s re-reprise of a previously released record, a tired old tune called “We Didn’t Do It”???

Or will you see it for what it is – a broken record of continued criminal behavior to control and manipulate.

Compliance is approval. Sheep go to slaughter. We have a big opportunity to break out of this and enter the most rewarding free and creative growth period in our nation’s history since the revolution.

The choice is yours to make. I pray that our nation will choose wisely.

By doing so we will set a huge example for our allies as well as our enemies around the world and it will turn the whole world around. It will also eliminate the globalist fascist agenda of controlled demolition and their plan to create vast dependency on government once and for all.

The only MAMA we should be crying out for and demanding is this one:


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  1. If mankind is to travel space fleeing climate destruction we must
    reengineer out blood. Druggards and drunkards have an obligation to become
    organ donors and space colonists just as street urchins were indentured to
    colonize new continents. These deplorable wastrels have rejected society’s
    attempt to educate them, and have destroyed their God-given brains with
    steroids, opioids, football injuries, marijuana, alcoholic Korsakov dementia,
    lysergic hallucinogens, so as such, they have an obligation to society to
    become instruments of human betterment. Eastern religions never believed in
    original sin because Mary bettered herself to Immaculateness. The
    communitarian ethos of Rawls, Plato and Confucius are superior to the
    devolved libertarianism of the magog (Viking, Hun, Lapp, Finn, Mongol and
    American Indian lineage). Further, a wondrously rapturous nuclear war would
    not only reverse global warming and eliminate misevolved urban vermin, but
    would also seriously damage the advances of microbes against humanity,
    especially since all these supposed medical advances have prevented natural
    selection of the fittest. Please read FUller, Proactionary Imperative.


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