Xi Jinping, the dictator of Communist China, is playing a dangerous game, his lies about China’s actions to combat the Chinese epidemic, have meant that maybe a million Chinese have died.

In Wuhan, where the outbreak apparently started, there’s a laboratory researching coronaviruses, actually literally next-door to the open-air, live-seafood market, or at least, the site where the market used to take place.

Police in Wuhan are on video, nailing people into their apartments, condemning them to starvation and certain death, for a long time there were bodies on the street in Wuhan city, that nobody would go near.

They can also be seen arresting people for not wearing masks, and apparently disappearing troublesome individuals via the CCP’s regional CDC, bundling people into windowless boxes carried on the back of pick-up trucks.

Other footage shows Chinese police trying to remove a man from his apartment, and only succeeding after beating him unconscious.

The Chinese state decided that by literally barricading the population into their homes in areas of infection, that would solve the problem, it didn’t.

The Chinese population is still massively infected, whole cities and provinces are quarantined, no journalists are allowed to film there, or even write about these mass internments, only the small areas where people have been allowed to come out of doors, wearing masks of course, and walk about for the cameras, but it’s a ploy to get the rest of the world to believe the lies of Xi Jinping.

Uighurs in the Xin Jiang concentration camp, are dying daily, of covid19, and of starvation, the state is happy to let them die unguarded but locked in, and then disinfect the cells for use by more of the hapless population of China.

Chinese phone companies report a 21 million unit drop in usage, meaning that number of phones have ceased being used. That is a scary fact to contemplate and wonder what happened to 21 million Chinese. Their ‘smart’ phones are controlled by the CCP, and their ‘social credit’ is subject to the whim of the state, meaning their right to work, travel, housing, welfare, medical treatment, and even citizenship, can be revoked, or even, and this is particularly sinister “unmade”, they become an ‘unperson’, someone who is treated as if they not only don’t exist, but as if they never existed.

The lies told by Xi Jinping, and repeated by the WHO, about their success in treating their epidemic, is higlighted by how badly Europe and the US are infected. The only continent that doesn’t have any cases, is Antartica.

Much of China is still under severe lockdown, services have all but ceased, travel is not allowed, people are going hungry in China, people that had jobs and a living, can’t get enough locally, and the state deliveries are poor and snapped-up by the police and delivery people. Only when the cameras are rolling does it look as if they’re doing well.

The Lies of Xi Jinping, and the fact that the WHO echo those lies, have actually seriously endagered the lives of more than a billion people worldwide, how can we allow such a Stalinesque Monster to continue to control the largest single ethnic population in the world?

Tens of thousands, maybe millions, of Americans and Europeans, and others, are going to die prematurely, because of the lies of Xi Jinping. The fact that the WHO would repeat his lies as if their trust of him was absolute, has meant that many people no longer trust the WHO, if they ever did.

That such a monster is feted by the west, and treated as an equal, is a disgrace. Xi Jinping should be refused entry to all other countries, he should become an international pariah, no diplomatic contact, nothing, He needs to be publicly shunned by the world, and condemned as the murderous monster that he undoubtedly is, and that needs to happen NOW.

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