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The Chinese state, in other words, the CCP, is using concentration camps to contain the majority of Xinjiang’s Uyghur population. The camps have become notorious in China itself, but also abroad.

The US Congress, and the UN, and many countries around the world, have publicly condemned the camp system, and call on China to close all the camps.

There are many aspects to China’s use of these camps, firstly they indoctrinate the inmates, forcing them to renounce religion, and their language, their customs, their shops are closed, they way they dress is proscribed, even the street signs in Arabic have been banned. Halal food is banned, Mosques are tolerated to an extent, but the police will close them down for the slightest of ‘offences’ commited, allegedly, by the Uyghur people of western China.

There are testimonies of torture being used, and we have caught the Chinese state out in its practice of using slave labour to produce much of its goods for export, which is why so much of those goods are so shoddy and badly made, they’ve been made by prisoners.

Uyghur boys are especially targeted, for strict indoctrination by the authorities in charge of the camps, they are made to wear Chinese clothes, they are forced to learn Mandarin, and are banned from speaking any other tongue, even between each other. They are taught the CCP version of Chinese history, and basically coerced into becoming loyal pary members.

To ‘become’ Chinese, is what is desired by the camp’s ‘re-educators’.

The unlawful detention of so many millions of people, and the harsh treatment of individuals within the system, have led to an international outcry against the CCP’s unjustifiable position on the camp system.

The Chinese state claims it is, “Clamping-down on violent criminality and terrorism” , which is utterly bogus, as the Uyghurs have no weapons, no bombs, no army or militia.

When Uyghurs build a Madrassa, to teach the Qur’an to their young, the Xinjiang police claim it’s a terrorist cell, and arrest them all. If the architecture of the construction is in no way Chinese, then it will be destroyed.

The Police in Xinjiang, claim that the Arabic language has no place in Chinese culture and society, they are trying to make the Uyghur population become much more Chinese in every aspect of life, and they really dislike religion, of any denomination, Christians are still openly persecuted in China to this day, ridiculed, stripped of funds, refused permission to build churches, and regularly raided by ‘anti-terrorist’ units of the police.

The fact that China is so two-faced, and how obvious that has become to most of the developed world at least, should be a huge embarrassment to them, and it is, but they dare not show it. Even when pressed on the subject by foreign press, diplomats, and by President Trump himself, their response is to ignore the question, if they can, and just talk about their success as a nation and country.

Xi Jinping is guilty of running a criminal state, guilty of policies that imprison people who have commited no crime, except that they’re just “not Chinese enough”.

The international criminal court in the Hague, could issue a subpoena for the arrest and deportation of Xi Jinping, to stand trial in the Hague for crimes against humanity, of course this will not happen, but it should.

The Chinese state is fundamentally genocidal in its appproach to minorities, especially if they’re religious minorities, and as far as the Uyghur popuation goes, their culture, language, and beliefs, are all banned in China, and of those detained in the camp system, that refuse to renounce their faith, many never return to their families.

Ordinary Chinese can be transported to a camp as well, for being politically unorthodox, or even just suspected of same, simply because, for instance, they’re not party members, they speak a localised dialect, they watch the ‘wrong’ videos online, you get the picture..

China is a militarised Police State, and is run totally ruthlessly, by those given the power over their fellow citizens, their police stand accused, by Chinese, but also by foreign visitors and press, of being unnecessarily brutal and utterlly corrupt. Xi Jinping likes the police to be all powerful, and he allows them so many privileges, that they will always support him, their ruthlessness is what keeps the dictator of two billion people in power.

I don’t know what the Mandarin for “Arbeit Macht Frei” is, but I would not be surprised to see it emblazoned for all to see, above the entrance to the main camp in Xinjiang.

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