D-DAY: Biggest Antifascist Rally in History

Hitting the beach at Omaha, June 6, 1944


Consider that ruddy-faced, 18 year-old grunt, struggling up the beach, under 75 pounds of gear and a rifle, scaling the cliffs of Omaha Beach on D-Day, under heavy artillery and machine gun fire, watching his buddies get blown to bits next to him.

That guy would be 94 years old today, on D-Day 2020.

He didn’t need a “safe space” while he was saving the world from tyranny and oppression. He didn’t demand to be noticed. He didn’t whine and moan about what he had or didn’t have. He didn’t even want to talk about it much. He just sucked it up and did it.

On this day in 1944: More than 150,000 Allied troops landed in Normandy.

Over 100,000 troops gave their lives on that beach.

You might say it was the biggest antifascist rally on the history of the world.

All of Europe would be under the boot of fascist socialism promulgated under Adolf Hitler without him and our brave American D-Day forces.

The soldier hitting that beach was a real hero, the original and true antifascist, unlike these phony black-clad fascists and fake social justice warriors who are just masquerading under that name today while actually planning fascism and communism.

It wasn’t a dress rehearsal for our soldier. There were soft targets. This wasn’t throwing ready-cement milkshakes or eggs at girls for their political beliefs.

Without him, the world would look very different and we all know it. All of Europe and Asia know it. He and his colleagues saved the Western world from tyranny.

Now that the entire world including Europe once again faces the tyranny of socialism, both communist and fascist, how many of our 18-30 year-olds can say that they are willing to scale up a cliff, under heavy fire and risk their lives to save the world from these very real threats to freedom and liberty which are raising their ugly heads again?

Instead many of our young adults are volunteering to march for the exact opposite thing that their great grandfathers marched against in 1944: socialism. And many of our young adults are trying to force march us all straight for it, mindlessly unaware, like programmed bots, of the dire consequences, which include mass destruction, bloodshed and genocide.

Anyone who doesn’t agree with their programmed, statist agenda is now labeled a “racist”.

Anyone they don’t like is labeled a “racist”.

Anyone opposing or challenging them is an “enemy of the people.” And a racist.

Yet they themselves are terrorists.

They themselves are enemies of the people.

They themselves are racists.

These bullying and deflection techniques are purely fascist and communist propaganda and psy ops techniques used to dehumanize the dissenters and eventually eliminate or exterminate them. Deflection and dishonesty as well as the desire to commit brutal, inhumane acts against their fellow humans are at the very root of their game.

Since D-Day, of course there have been many major changes in the world, but the nature of statists and statism has not changed one bit since the time of the Ancient Greeks. Even Plato and Aristotle warned of the dangers.

The leftist statist tyrants and monarchs of the world have merely changed strategies over time. What they used to seize by war, they seize by infiltration now.

They have finally figured out that in order to gain total power they must not invade nations with tanks or bullets or shots fired.

Instead, they must conquer silently and hidden, from within.

They have calculated this new tack carefully and have concluded that they must begin by weaving their message into the minds of children, through schools and textbooks, through scrubbing historical truths from curious young eyes on social media, by “fact-checking” actual facts and replacing them with nuanced lies, and by ultimately convincing young people that, in the end, socialism really isn’t so bad after all.

These tactics have slowly and deliberately been used to invade our universities and high schools, even grade schools, and they have infiltrated all levels of government, even down to state and local levels, where our mayors and local city councils now regularly kneel and bow before the alter of socialism.

Instead of tanks, the socialists now roll busloads of fake “refugees” into Europe and America, and a seemingly never-ending stream pours into our cities, now made “sanctuaries” for illegals by their leftist mayors. These illegal invaders now take position almost like military invaders would, hiding out in pockets and cells around our country, with nary a shot being fired.

Instead of artillery, the socialists use endless salvos of multiculturalism, bombardments of propaganda, and explosive mortar shells loaded with accusations of “racism”.

Instead of bullets, they are armed with the cunning knowlege of how to egregiously manipulate the natural greed and laziness of the basest human condition, a skill they can easily use to target, persuade, coax, coddle, cajole,
coerce, buy, or bribe votes.

Instead of acquiring territory and prisoners of war, the new socialists acquire weak minds. And our schools filled with socialist allies, duly do their part, by producing an endless stream of weak minds to become useful idiots for the cause.

Instead of treaties, the new socialists stiffarm, bully and blackmail our governments into submission, by threatening to withhold funds or trade, or if that doesn’t work, by simply taking to the streets and breaking the system by destroying business and commerce with bricks and Molotov cocktails.

What better way to bring prosperity and economic growth to a grinding halt, after all, than to smash and close prosperous businesses, shopkeepers and their stores in a miser day Kristallnacht?

Instead of concentration camps and pogroms, the new socialists have the censorship power of banning books from Amazon and Kindle, erasing truths from the internet, shadow banning or outright banning any dissenters, marginalizing the ones that don’t succumb, publicly humiliating and destroying the reputations of those who still won’t buckle under, manipulating internet key word search results to shape ideas and minds, or simply refusing to publish posts that don’t entirely fit the leftist agenda and narrative. In such ways, the socialist left and its protagonists have successfully replaced hard tyranny with soft tyranny, and soft tyranny is far more insidious, powerful, damaging, and difficult to uproot.

Instead of fighting to maintain power, the new leftists have achieved professorial tenure in our education systems.

Instead of being foiled by democratic election turnover, the new leftist faces no term limits in our governments.

Instead of anti-trust and careful monitoring of FCC and internet licensing, top level billionaire ownership of our largest technology and social media and entertainment and news companies prevails, which just a handful of companies owning everything.

Instead of a ministry of propaganda like Hitler and Goebbels had, the new socialists have complete control over the mainstream media, social media, science and the scientific research grant system of academia, and of course, Hollywood.

How many of today’s 18 year olds would have the guts to fight the certain brutal uphill fight against THIS kind of tyranny; a war against hidden, non-uniformed guerrilla combatants? A war where the opposition can use the IRS or the media to publicly ruin and even imprison you for speaking up.

This is the sort of demon we face and what we must overcome now or be lost forever.

PLEASE TAKE A MOMENT AND REMEMBER D-Day and all of our fallen and living heroes. We have so few of them left now.

Remember this. No other nation in the history of the world has buried so many of its brave soldiers in foreign graves to fight statism and tyranny. We cannot never allow those Americans to have died in vain just because statism and socialism have reared their ugly heads here.

We have created a unique free republic, the greatest the world has ever seen, but our republic will only last if we struggle and shed our blood and never let up in our fight to keep it. Freedom was born here. Do not let it die here.
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