What we are witnessing is not akin to the American revolutionary patriots or the Boston Tea Party.

What we are seeing is exactly the way the Bolsheviks and Brown Shirts introduced statism and tyranny to the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany.

Make no mistake.

People laughed and called me a “conspiracy theorist” for saying this since 2006 when it looked like Senator Obama, whose campaign was launched by American terrorists and communist subversives, would be the DNC candidate.

Well, it is no longer a theory, it’s just a very visible conspiracy now.

Antifa and the left have latched onto something—not by accident but by design— that has been brewing in our inner cities ever since the social welfare entitlement system began: the destruction of the American home and especially the destruction of the Black family and the psy-ops creation of Victim Mentality.

Add to this mix the absence of fathers, regular schedules, discipline, and the presence of drug and alcohol addiction in the homes of many of the looters, and you have the perfect recipe for widespread social structure breakdown, all of it seeded by LBJ’s Great Society (aka The Greater Plantation) and his massive expansion of the welfare system in 1964-65. Now it’s aided by radical fascist and communist groups. If they could arm and trigger the Muslims, it would be complete. Sacred and secular Jihad.

The breakdown of the family led to riots and burning of neighborhoods in the sixties which caused an urban blight that horrified so many white people and business owners that they never came back. Instead of shopping downtown where it was dangerous to be, they creating strip malls and big shopping malls.

This is Blight Two. ANTIFA and other radical terrorist organizations like it are manipulating the black communities into violence and looting. This activity is soon to be followed by a second “white flight” which will now include Asians and Asian businesses as well as Blacks and Black-owned businesses. And those people and businesses will never come back either, causing an even more widespread urban blight, poverty and disease, which Democrat organizers will prey on and create an even GREATER Plantation for all minorities and the poor.

This is not an accident. The agitators and propagandists fomenting violence and looting are well funded and are embedded in every level of our society. Radical minority organizations like The New Black Panthers and La Raza are delighted to participate with ANTIFA and other radical groups in the destruction.

Antifa, which is akin to hyena fight club for the misfit kids of our middle and upper middle class, is merely doing the dirty work of their puppetmasters who have embedded themselves in education and government. They’re following Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals, Marx’s Ten Planks of Communism and Das Kapital, turning up the heat and stirring the old pot which has been put on simmer by communists since the Bolshevik Revolution, by American Communists, American Fascists since the late 30s, by leftist hippie and yippie grey ponytails and socialists from the 60s, and by new radical Democrats that have merged all those radical groups into their party since the 60s.

These Antifa kids are the grandchildren and students of the 60s radicals like Bill Ayers, who all found refuge as professors and community organizers in our most esteemed educational and government institutions.

That pot is now coming rapidly to a boil.

We should take a page from the anarchist cookbook and never let a good crisis go to waste.

Let’s take this excellent opportunity to reassess how trillions of dollars and decades of welfare and entitlements have failed.

The incentives of the welfare and entitlement system discourage entrepreneurship and individual responsibility and encourage dependency on government, laziness and gaming of our system.

Its a well-known economics fact that if you want less of something, you tax it, and if you want more of something, you subsidize it. With welfare and entitlements, then, we are taxing income and subsidizing poverty, producing less income and more poverty. Exactly the opposite of how it should be, producing very undesirable results, including complete breakdown of morals, ethics and the family structure.

Let’s scrap the entire entitlement system and rethink how we can truly incentivize people to be productive members of society! Otherwise, welfare and entitlements overwhelm the entire system in another 25-30 years.

Now do you understand why the left wants to shut down the economy and create more unemployment? It collapses tax revenues and collapses America by submerging it in entitlements and welfare.

If we don’t do it now, we may never have the opportunity again. If the left wants our republic to destroy it, let them come and take it and let us rise up and defend it.

So steal this blog and share it. Wake everyone to what is going on.

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  1. Add the name of Professor Darren Hutchinson at the Levin College of Law University of Florida to the ranks of agitators and advocates of violence and mob rule. He sees the wanton destruction of black businesses as an inconvenient interruption of the narrative. Remember the words of Malcolm X : ‘The White Liberal is the worst enemy to America, and the worst enemy to the black man.’


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