Schiff Shafted

This is too good.  Adam Schiff the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee was so anxious to see the back end of Donald Trump he fell fell hook, line and sinker for a scam perpetrated by two Russian comedians .

The Russians posing as Ukrainian politicians claimed that Vladimir Putin had nude pics of Trump cavorting with Russian reality TV Star Olga Buzova.  They went on to say that Putin had been handed the incriminating photos by his Goddaughter and was using them to blackmail the President.

Schiff later claimed that he knew all along it was a hoax.  Here is a link to the full recording, you decide.

The Daily Mail which broke the story reported that the Congressman had his staff contact the Ukrainian Embassy in D.C. in an attempt to arrange a pickup of the materials.  It appears the yoke was entirely on “Little Adam” who still has the runny residue dripping off his myopic mug.

Image Copyright Breitbart News

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