Turn it up to 11. It’s more. More is better.

The America in which I grew up, and still largely exists today is one of opportunity.

With smarts, hard work and chutzpah, you can achieve whatever you determine to be success. You can turn your life up to 11.


Earlier today I was searching for a paragraph that I came across about the difference between an American parent and a Muslim parent.

An American father and son look at a large, beautiful house on the hill. The father encourages his son, saying that you can be like the man on the hill. You can do that.

The Muslim father and son see the same large, beautiful house on the hill and the father tells his son “work hard, and you can kill that man”

One encourages creation of more and better. The other is completely subtractive.

The left seems to be fixated on subtractive.

Their obsession with what someone else “gets” (or does not get taxed) on is one of those things.

High wage earners get the pleasure of paying more taxes. Low wage earners don’t get taxed at all.

Their tax system, and their belief system is based on moving it from those who create to those who exist. That very thought is communist, and I find it throughly disgusting.

What the left needs to understand and remember is that businesses don’t pay taxes.

They pass the taxes levied on to customers, who pay them. Often, the taxes make a business unprofitable at home or abroad. The government has way too much control over this capitalist function, and they don’t understand it or it’s effects in the least.

People pay taxes. Businesses are taxed. The difference is subtle but substantial.

But in the meantime, don’t kill the man in the house on the hill.

Hold him up as an example and venerate him.

The economy can be like him.

Rising tides do and will raise all ships.

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