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A Perfect Storm 

The Press was in a feeding frenzy today. There was so much bad news they barely knew where to start.

The Stock Market took another big tumble dropping 1,000 points following Monday’s record loss of 1,700. Considering this kind of story has the potential to affect such a large segment of the population logically this should have been the jumping off point for the evening’s broadcast.

Instead the lead story was the resignation of close Trump advisor Rob Porter who reportedly was forced out after allegations of domestic abuse surfaced.

ABC Anchor David Muir charged the administration over all and specifically Chief of Staff John Kelly with prior knowledge of Porter’s alleged misdeeds intoning “What did they know, and when did they know it?” in classic “Watergate” style.

Muir went on to report that White House Communications Director and close Trump confidant Hope Hicks may have been responsible for penning the Administration’s denial which was made all the more damning by insinuations that she is allegedly dating Porter.

The Washington Post broke the story yesterday after conducting interviews with Porter’s ex-wives. What makes this curious is the alleged incidents of abuse occurred more than ten years ago which begs the obvious question, why is this coming to light now?

Could it be to knock out the release of the Nunez memo and additional evidence of FBI misconduct (which has continued to drip out on a daily basis) from the headlines? It would not be a stretch considering the story had just begun to resonate with the American people.

Compound this with the fact that the media has become a willing tool of the Left and the Democratic Party and the pattern becomes increasingly clear. Attacking Kelly and Hicks demonstrates a strategy of attempting to dislodge the lynch pins of Trump’s inner circle as their attempts to bring down the President himself thus far have failed.

The drop in the markets was relegated to second spot. It was followed by footage of former White House staffer and “Apprentice” contestant Omarosa Manigault sobbing as she told a Celebrity Big Brother CoStar just how bad things really were inside the Presidential Palace. Manigault, who was fired in January for using the White House as her personal playground, claimed that Trump’s constant “Tweeting” upset her and that everyone in the nation should be “very afraid” of what’s happening there.

Of course with all this “good news” (for the media at least) there was no time to cover the story of a former FBI informant who spent hours testifying before the Senate Intelligence Committee offering corroborating evidence of Hillary Clinton’s guilt in a “pay for play” scheme which resulted in the sale of American Uranium to the Russian Government with the direct involvement of the Clinton Foundation.

This evening’s broadcast serves to illustrate just how far the Press is willing to go to maintain it’s narrative that Trump and his staff are unfit to govern while they continue to white wash the sins of the woman they so desperately wish were in his place.

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