It’s Not Obstruction 

Thirty minutes of the PBS “News Hour” devoted to Judy Woodruff pissing and moaning over allegations that President Trump thought about and may have even tried to fire Bob Mueller. So what? He’s still there. Remember, this is Donald “You’re fired” Trump we’re talking about. How does this come as any shock? Tom Brokaw surprisingly echoed those exact Sentiments on yesterday’s Meet the Press. It was amazing how quickly he shut down Chuck Todd.

The real story is the timing of the release, just as Trump had tremendous success at Davos. ABC devoted five of its thirty minute Friday night broadcast to the same thing. First it was all Russia all the time, now it’s obstruction, obstruction, obstruction.
In the tank PBS analyst Jack Goldsmith spent half his time explaining to a visibly dismayed Judy Woodruff why Muller would not be bringing an obstruction charge against the President. The primary reason being that a sitting President cannot be indicted according to an opinion rendered by the Justice department which Muller is bound to. Despite incessant interuptions by Woodruff cococting different scenarios she believed would justify the charge, Goldsmith stuck to his guns.

To its credit PBS did at least devote a tacit amount of time to the markets breaking new records. It also had some coverage of Davos including an interview with a delegate from Africa poo pooing the gains in the stock market as only benefiting the rich. Really? Anyone with a 401 K plan would beg to differ.
ABC did cover the jump in the markets. With the Dow climbing this high, did they have a choice? The amazing thing is not that Trump thought about firing Mueller, it’s that the press waisted three days on a non story in order to deflect from his success.

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