The rumours going round that Kim Jong Un is dead, seem to be growing… Japanese media think he’s either dead or in a “vegetative state” in some Pyong Yang hospital.

Many articles have appeared with the rhetorical question asking “is he dead?”. At the time of this writing, I cannot confirm that he’s shuffled off his mortal coil and joined the choir invisible, but as an atheist, he’d presumably be going downstairs anyway.

The failed state that is North Korea only exists because of Chinese Communist Party will, they prop it up, I assume, in the hope that it will one day be theirs, the same colonial hope they have for Taiwan and Hong Kong, to completely “normalise” them, and we all know what that means…

The President of N Korea has been dead for decades, he made himself President in perpetuity before he died, so all his successors are head of the party and head of the army, but not head of state, so the state is a mortocracy, a necropolitical state, where the Dead President rules from beyond the grave.

I fancy that Xi Jinping is looking covetously at the country, he knows how profitable it could be made to be, if only he had complete control over it.

It may be that this is China’s next colonial adventure, the takeover of North Korea, in the guise of saviours with food and medicines, engineers, road builders, architects, factory builders, merchants…

They’re doing it in southern India, and eastern Russia, they start with a few farmers, a mineral reclamation plant, next thing you know, there’s a whole sprawling town of workers and their families living there, and not a Russian in sight. Some Russians, mostly Siberians, have complained to Vladimir Putin, but he seems unconcerned about the farmers and herders in the east, as long as he’s getting the money, he’s indifferent to the concerns of ordinary Russians about this colonisation.

I can see China doing the same thing in North Korea, it will become a necessity for them anyway, so they might just do it sooner rather than later.

They’ll start off slowly, and ‘innocently’ enough, with aid and food and ‘experts’ that will help the N Koreans stabilise their country and build up their infrastructure, it’s too good an opportunity to miss, a ready-made communist state, in need of their help as their only friend and ally, textbook stuff to walk in and a decade later, to all intents and purposes, it’s become part of China.

It’s important that the rest of the world doesn’t just sit back and watch China do this, that the US, for instance, continues to try and help the people of N Korea in the same ways, with aid programs, & educational packages, working in parallel with the Chinese, in order to prevent them just taking over when they feel like it.

If the North Koreans could be persuaded to open the border with the south, and open up to trade with the rest of the world, things could be really different for the whole of Asia.

Ideally, North Korea could rejoin with the south, and the entire country could be run democratically and with capitalism as the predominant political ideology.

That’s exactly what China doesn’t want to happen, you can see it in the way they are trying to crush the democracy movement in Hong Kong, the way they deny Taiwan statehood, the list goes on..

It would be a good victory for the forces of democratic freedom, if North Korea joined with the south and they became one country again, without the idiotic communism which has failed them so badly, and led directly to the deaths of millions of North Koreans.

This is what the west should be working towards, instead we appease the vicious CCP, who smile broadly at the world, as they strip rights and liberties from their colonial subjects. This must change.

We cannot, in all conscience, let China increase its dominion and power any further than we have already, it’s become a huge problem to the rest of the world, and we must address that problem without worrying that the Leftist Twitterati will call us ‘racists’ and ‘xenophobes’, because in the end, the result is what will matter, not what some vicious and stupid clowns said in response to something they obviously haven’t the wit to understand.

What’s not hard to understand, is how huge a coup a whole, democratic, capitalistic Korea would be for the west, and how much it would be a kick in the balls for Communist China, which, upon some short reflection, really deserves just that, right now.

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  1. Such a totalitarian grip on the media and information that even Kim’s very existence can be completely shrouded in mystery.

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